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  • melodie randolph - Heartbreaking and so inspiringI don't know what I expected when I started this book but it sure wasn't to read it in one sitting! But here I am, 4 hours later amazed and inspired. Words cannot capture the horror and pain this sweet child went through for those 9 months yet she handled it so mature and so positively. It's amazing. It's very clear God had a hand on this sweet girl and has blessed her so much. I'm thankful she has shared her story with the world in hopes of touching a soul who may need something for this story. God bless Elizabeth and her family for all the days of their lives.
  • ahoffoss - The best tablet for the price!Don't get me wrong, for most people this machine is a no brainer, but for me, it's just "OK". That being said, I gave it 5 stars, because what it does do, it does REALLY well and for a SUPER cheap price! For it, it was a gift. My problem is, I don't read from eBooks. I only read paper books. There's just something about an actual book in my hand that I can't get from holding up a Kindle or any ereader, for that matter. I can honestly say that the reader DOES do books good, because I did read at least 1 using this. Also, the fact that Prime members have access to an unheard of amount of books they can "borrow" for free?! For the people that are looking for the best tablet on the market for the price,....the KINDLE is just that!
  • Beth V. Rabkin - product works almost TOO well - cover any velcro fastenings before spraying!This is a great product. We always spray it outside and let the item(s) dry out doors for ten minutes as there is a strong smell that goes away within five minutes. A word of caution, however, if you are using this product on a cushion, coat, etc. that has any velcro fasteners or tabs. The product works so well at providing a smooth coating that if you spray it on velcro it will make the velcro less able to stick/fasten! (We learned this the hard way.) I would strongly recommend covering the velcro (only) with plastic wrap, foil, or some similar temporary but airtight covering before spraying the item(s). Other than that, spray away!
  • Speedy D - It works. Wife says Thanks, Dr. KatzSince I can't smell my own breath, my wife will tell me "Hey, we need to get some more Dr. Katz for you." This stuff is amazing and after using it for a day or two, my wife notices a huge difference.

    I think the problem for me is the back of my throat, so I gargle it for 10-15 seconds twice a day. Sometimes after gargling I have a weird taste in my mouth, but I chalk it up to the rinse killing all those silly germs. After using it for several days the weird taste diminishes and it starts to feel like you just left the dentist. This rinse doesn't burn and it has a slight minty taste. I'd use this over Listerine any day.

    Don't forget to brush your teeth and floss.
  • Gary in Sun City, AZ - Create your own legal documents, highly recommended, and easy-to-use.I have been using Quicken Willmaker 2011, their older version of 2013, and love it. Have created several documents for myself and others. It's easy to work with, a step-by-step process that's easy to follow. After downloading 2013 my documents were folded into this one, making for very easy review and updating phone numbers, etc.. I didn't realize years ago that it IS LEGAL to create your own Will and legal documents. They take you step-by-step and tell you what notarizing is needed. Just do it. Then print, sign, notarize, and save. No problems. This is very helpful software to have. Highly recommended.