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  • kwmar - High rating for getting a cheap renewal by buying full version on AmazonAs long as this type of renewal is permitted, I'll buy the CD/DVD, which is cheaper than Kaspersky's renewal rate and just use the license key. If others of you are doing this, don't invite trouble by trying to install from this disk if you already have the latest version. Just plug in the activation code. Don't click 'activate now' if your current license hasn't expired yet. You will lose days. The license automatically takes effect on expiration if you put in the code and just leave it alone. It worked perfectly on my 2 computers. One other warning: Be sure that it's less than 14 days until expiration before you type in the code. If it's more, you'll lose days that way too.
  • Kathleen Allen-greim "curiouser" - Significantly reduced painful bloatingI was having severe abdominal bloating which was very painful and worrisome--it was a new experience for me. A gastroenterolgist suggested I take this for 3-4 months. He suspected a powerful antiobiotic I took several months prior may have stripped my intestines of important bacteria.

    Buying Align online was far cheaper ($28.99 vs $35)than at a local store. I've been on it for two months. I noticed an improvement within the first 7-10 days. I rarely have the bloating now. I'll find out at my follow-up doctor appointment how long I should continue to take it. I may be afraid to stop! Align certainly seemed to work for me.
  • Sandra "Life’s a banquet but more poor ... - Audacious of course ... he's a genius!Thank God, Mr. Strieber is back to writing fictional novels that aren't just about aliens.
    Once again, he flexes that powerful imaginative muscle and writing prowess that those who have followed his career have come to know and love.
    I see that someone recommended Cat Magic... it's one his most literate and compelling.
    I would have given his latest 10 stars if possible!
  • Noah D. - Proactiv VariesI am 14 years old and a freshman in high school. About three weeks ago, I purchased Proactiv at a mall kiosk because my acne got to the point where my face hurt to touch it. I had my doubts; the infomercials looked a bit fake, but I had friends who had used the products and it worked for them, so I was willing to try.

    First of all, the Proactiv Three Piece System worked for me. They included the Refining Mask as well, and within two weeks my acne had mostly cleared up. Yes, I still have some pimples on my forehead, but I didn't expect any miracles. It is progressively getting better. However, it did take time. If you order the product, you HAVE TO FOLLOW THE ROUTINE. I was reading reviews along the lines of "I got it and was using the first and third step once a day." Do not do this. They give you very clear instructions for a reason.

    Another thing that people should know is that the results do vary. If you have very sensitive skin, they have a solution for that over the phone. However, I don't recommend getting it over the phone unless you need the sensitive or extra strength- they tend to charge you every month. That being said, I also recommend that you get the Proactiv at your local mall rather than online or over the phone.

    Finally, it will dry your skin, but most acne products do. If people stick to the review and moisturize their skin, it will look fine. If anything, buy the one month supply. It's $20 and it's worth a try. For all you know your skin could clear up as well as mine.