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  • LilyBook - Awesome Series

    All the Wool books are awesome, exciting, and over much too soon. A friend introduced me to the series and I was immediately addicted. I felt the claustrophobia and nervousness of being underground in a silo while reading these stories. The author does a nice job of detailing the mundane thoughts that pass through a person's numb mind during a stressful or dangerous moment. Although each book is fairly short, I could easily connect with the characters and their situations.

  • Taz - Love this tablet

    When I got this tablet it instantly installed ice cream sandwich update and have enjoyed it from day one. Perfect for browsing, movies, games, music, etc. Brilliant screen and made of high quality materials. Was worrried about wi-fi from other reviews but have not experienced any problems. Processor is fast. Definitely a great purchase.

  • BettyBee - Does the job

    While nobody likes to do their taxes, I have found that the H&R Block S/W makes it simple. I have used theTaxCut S/W in the past and really don't find any big differences between the two. The H&R Block S/W gets better every year and for my purposes, they both do the job very well. But for the difference in price, especially when Amazon has it on sale, it is a no-brainer for me to use the perfectly good H&R BLock S/W.