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  • Reader in France - My life has been changedAbout six months ago, my wife and I bought a new toilet, one of those power-flushers with a seat warmer, and almost immediately I knew something was wrong. I'd be sitting there with my latest copy of Asteroid Enthusiast or Vegan Knitting and I'd have the sense that something strange was going on. Once I looked down and saw what I thought was a wake in the water! I thought nothing of this until I saw an ad for Cpt. Trimmer's book in the back of Puncturing Weekly while having my morning ablutions and as luck would have it, that was the morning my wife said, "Are you sure you're okay? I keep hear something like a foghorn in there." It was the very next morning that the Queen Mary II came roaring up through the tank. I was nearly crushed, but I had already read the chapter What To Do If A Huge Ship With an Excellent Buffet Comes Out of Your Toilet, and I immediately grabbed a plate and made myself as small as I could behind the bidet (out of which, as my luck would have it, I could see the prow of the Costa Delicioza emerging). Because of Cpt. Trimmer's book, not only did I survive the encounter, but I had a very good Chicken a la King with a Diet Coke, for which I might add, there were free refills.

    My wife and I now use the woods behind our house for our needs, although recently I thought I saw a Henry Moore lurking behind a birch tree. Luckily, modern art moves much more slowly than huge ships do, and so far I have been able to take evasive measures.
  • Barb E. Dahl - Empower yourselfThis book was first written spanish for a the rural mexican people. For that village that was miles away from the nearest doctor or medical facility. In this version it has been written in english. It gives the reader a basic understanding of the human body and the common ailements. Most of the time the treatments are basic, but their is also an entire section on medication and dosages. Now I do not live in a rural village, but I did find it very empowering to read this book. It is definately something that will go into the emergency bag.
  • Ruthie - Great Book!I really like this book and thought the suggestions were excellent. I bought this book and then the "Pussy Whip" book by Lanie Stevens. I think the two of them together make a powerful combination. I love the tips in this book and the technique in the "Pussy Whip" book. Men don't have a chance!
  • Mary K. - Intriguing story and charactersElizabeth Hoyt has crafted a stunning, sensuous love story and mystery set in the Georgian era. The story is rather dark, with a serious hero dedicated to a higher cause and a cynical, experienced older heroine. I don't usually like straitlaced heroes, and fortunately, when this hero dons his Harlequin costume, his persona changes also. Both hero and heroine are risk-takers, and by the end of the book they have taught each other how to love fully--but of course we wouldn't expect anything less in a romance! The story of the heroine and the little boy she is raising is also quite compelling.
  • Wisconsin travel planner - The perfect travel planning guide!We used the Rick Steves' guides to Paris and Ireland for our trip to Europe last year and they were extremely helpful. Therefore, I definitely wanted his guide to Italy for our upcoming trip there. It contains all the information you need to know for planning your vacation. I wouldn't plan a trip without first consulting one of his guides, if available. I can't recommend them highly enough.