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  • Tim J. Edwards "The.Tim" - Spore Delivers a Great Gameplay Experience.So people whine on here about the piracy protection that Spore has because of choices EA has made. That has NOTHING to do with the game. These reviews have become useless and are now just biasing people away from buying a fantastic game made by a brilliant game designer.

    Sure they are punishing EA for their piracy protection but just as everyone whines that they are being treated like criminals and being punished because people download this they are being hippocrites and doing the same thing right back.

    This game is fantastic and is Will Wright's vision, he delivers an immersive gameplay experience with BOUNDLESS creativity. Graphics are fantastic and the depth to the actual gameplay is astounding. I would easily recommend this game if you enjoy creative games that make you think outside the box.

    Also, never forget, just because some company does something to piss you off you should NEVER punish the people who worked so hard to bring you something different. DO NOT punish the content, pound the company with letters or buy the game and break the DRM, but why punish Will Wright and his talented development team who poured their heart and soul into this?

    Thanks for listening.
  • J Miller "Dr.Vinnie" - Five Big Stars for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 inch Wi-FiI sold my old HP Touchpad and researched all the newer Tablets including the IPad. I read so many reviews on the Galaxy Tab 2 that were excellent so I went with the Samsung. I am very well pleased. I bought a reconditioned one but it was just like a new one. No scratches, no marks or signs of usage. I ordered a book on the Tab 2 and this was Very Helpful! My wife has an IPad and I would not trade mine for three of hers. No big fight here! I don't touch hers and she doesn't touch mine. Consumer Reports Magazine loved it also. Five big stars for this product.
  • Barry Baumgardner - History of US Racial DemagogeryAnn Coulter does an excellent review of the issue of racism as
    it evolved in the United States over the last few decades. There
    are a number of twists and turns that are both surprising and
    unexpected during that evolution that Ann brings out that I've
    never heard before, and fact check as right on.