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  • princess_20 - Godsend !!!Best item for ladies

    First I would like to say I am an actual consumer and have not been paid to write this review.Second I would like to say I rarely write product reviews ;unless I love or hate an item.

    My product arrived recently packaged in a small discreet box.I first opened the Waterworks system 4/17/2012 and read the instruction packet included ,then quickly assembled my new product.It was very simple to assemble and took about 5-10 minutes the first time as I was being very careful not to break anything!(After a few uses I became more comfortable with the product noticing its sturdy structure and great craftsmanship tailored for a woman's body)

    As many women have stated in previous reviews I was having a very common problem also with reoccuring BV and/or Yeast infections caused by not taking enough probiotics and other preventitive methods I had not used previously due to lack of knowledge.
    I had just treated myself for a yeast infection using OTC antifulgal cream & tea tree feminine wash I now mix myself using essential tea tree oil, and a probiotic acidophilus (capsule form) .That worked very well, but I still had a slight odor. I then used my waterworks system and after only 1 use the odor was almost completely gone; WOW! I was shocked , I have tried everything in the book and now after only a few uses odor is COMPLETELY gone and I feel so fresh and clean and I am back to my old natural fresh vaginal flora LOL! it feels great! I can tell I will be addicted to this product but after I use it every day for 2 weeks, I will only use waterworks once every 2 wks. for maintenance as I don't want to upset my natural PH balence again!

    Thankyou Waterworks !!! Ladies your coochie will thank you --smile-- (and so will your men)

  • greeneyes62 - Lost 2.2 lbs yea yea yea!

    I have been taking these pills for only 2 day and have lost a couple of pounds without exercise or changing the way I eat. The seller is also wonderful, there was some mixup with my order but they took care of thing immediately. I will be purchasing these pills again from this seller

  • Becky V. - Not harsh on skin

    I started using the Exposed Basic Kit about 3 months ago and have noticed a difference in my skin. I was formerly using Proactiv and stopped because it wasn't working and it was super harsh on my skin. What I love about Exposed is that it is so gentle on my skin and doesn't strip my natural oils, but yet is effective. I still get some minor breakouts here and there, but they go away and heal quickly. I would highly recommend this to anyone that has struggled with the same problem.

  • V.A.S. - Little Black Book - revised and far Superior in All Ways.

    Who on earth would ever resort to the old fashioned way of keeping women in a little black book when you could easily have a big white binder. Its so superior, I can't believe us white folk didn't think of it sooner. Thanks Mittens, we all needed and will continue to need your steadfast advice. I'll be sure my vagina sews itself shut when I get legitimately raped, because really, who needs birth control anyway when your body parts are magical? I love that we have you to make these decisions for us. I know us ladies ask for a lot, with a need for maternity leave and time to pleasure our husbands - the reason we get paid less than men is completely obvious now. I'd love to write more, but my sister wives, my husband, thousands of children and I all need an extra set of magic undies. Must be off, I hope my job doesn't mind me leaving early for this pressing task.

  • Joelle Hennenfent - Wished i had bought this sooner!

    This is the best thing that I have bought for my baby yet. My son is 6 weeks old and was getting bored laying around. So we were going from being held to being laid down in the pack and play. I saw this and decided to give it a try. Boy am I glad that I did! He will lay there kicking the piano keys and smiling for about 30-45 mins and that is a long time for him. Sometimes he will even fall asleep laying there. I have also found that when I lay him in the pack and play and turn his mobile on he starts kicking trying to change the music. I wish I had this a little sooner but better now than never. I would buy this over and over and definitely recommend it to all my friends!