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  • C. Estrella - NECESSARY!!!!!This is a necessary book for every Christian writer to have.

    Jerry B. Jenkins has complied the latest contacts available for publishing in the Christian industry. Some of the resources contained are:

    Book Publishers
    Periodical Publishers
    Specialty Markets, and
    Helps for Writers

    Having a book on hand with all of this knowledge in one place, is a huge time saver and invaluable for looking at again and again. This book is published yearly to keep abreast with the latest updates so that you are only reviewing the most current information available. Owning a book like this will save hours of time researching in a library or looking online for the right leads to make your publishing dreams come true.

    More precise searching for your specific genre gives you more free time for doing what you do best~~~~ writing! Good luck writers!!!

    Tyndale sent me the above books for review purposes. It will allow me to keep the books. I have no other connection to and have received no other compensation from Tyndale Publishers.
  • Mike K - The JJ Abrams Look...I got these frames in black and I'm definitely rocking the JJ.

    They are great looking frames. Classy and classic. If your one to look "neat" (i.e. clean cut hair, facial hair) these are great frames that accentuate the clean lines. The darker your hair, the better these will look on you. I have dark brown hair but can see that if I had darker hair, it would make the glasses pop just a bit more.

    Not to mention, all the rip-off drug store/gas station sunglasses are based on this design. Right down to the 2 little chrome diamonds on the corners. So you'll know and can show that you have the real deal Ray Bans.