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  • Brian C. Gardner - The Book America Most Needs Right NowChristmas is real. Not only is it real but, just as the earth was created in six literal days six thousand years ago, it is more powerful
    than the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day, Labor day, and Memorial Day combined. It is the Voltron of Holy Days, not to be confused with
    the liberal facade of "holidays."

    Thankfully, our most blessed nation above all others has a beacon to light our path: Sarah Palin. Were it not for her bravery, sacred truths about America's most sacred Holy Day would be lost. For example, did you know that Jesus performed his first miracle on the very day of His birth? After receiving the gold, frankincense, and myrrh our Baby Lord fashioned them into the world's first firearm. If you didn't know that, odds are that you've spent far too much of your life listening to what godless liberals have to say.

    There are just too many unique and wonderful stories, as well as top-notch scholarship, in this magnificent tome for the ages that a review could never do justice to its superlative greatness. This is a book that truly needs to be studied out.

    For the love of our Supreme Baby Lord, study it out.
  • BJW - 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back Remember When It Didn't HurtThis book is a "game changer". Remember your mother telling you to sit up straight or stand straight, but no one told you how. After years of poor posture, my husband was a near cripple. His MRI tests said, "multilevel degenerative spondylosis" in the lumbar (lower) and cervical (neck) spine. When my husband's Physical Medicine doctor recommended this book and the author's, Esther Gokhale, course, we jumped at the chance of a normal life without surgery for him. We both bought the book and took Ms. Gokhale's course. Ms. Gokhale was the victim of crippling back pain during her first pregnancy. This led her to study internationally and learn from cultures where back pain is rare. Ms. Gokhale shares her extensive knowledge in an easy to read manner. Every step is gentle and will not hurt your back, but will open the door to a pain-free future. The book will explain how to sit, stand, lay, bend and walk in ways that will improve your posture and lead you out of pain.
  • Corinne H. Smith - Get your own hands vicariously dirtyWhen we go hiking at an outdoor recreation area, we rarely notice the condition of the trail itself. That is, unless a recent storm has blown down a sizable tree, right onto the path. (And even then, we'd only have to problem-solve if we had to climb over it or walk around it.) This is as it should be. This means that the park's maintenance crew did a good job. Who are these "traildogs," and what do they really do? Christine Byl draws back the curtain on the world of these underappreciated workers, as she and her colleagues tramp through some of our most beautiful and wild western places.

    She frames her memoir with six tools of her trade: axe, rock bar, chainsaw, boat, skid steer, and shovel. Don't worry if a few of them are unfamiliar. She'll explain. Along the way we hear her own story, beginning as a seasonal laborer at Glacier National Park in Montana. These are days of learning how to fell trees, build bridges, and even pay attention to angles of walkway ascent and descent. Naturally, there are interactions with wildlife of both varieties: animals and tourists. We tag along with Christine and her husband Gabe as they move to Alaska, where they first work for the Forest Service in Cordova before landing jobs at Denali National Park and Preserve. Are you kidding me? Living and working within sight of the tallest mountain in North America? Is this the pinnacle of park service maintenance work as well? Read more to find out.

    Some may wonder, Why read (or write) a book about people digging post holes and tearing down trees? Well, Christine's account is not just about the down-and-dirty daily tasks (many of which require heavy lifting), but also about the people who choose to do them. You'll meet some real characters here. An outsider might have glamorized this work, might have romanticized it, given the stereotypical idea readers may have about working close to protected nature. Admittedly, the book's subject matter alone may deserve only a four-star rating. It's Christine's terrific and engaging writing style that brings the narrative up a notch. She's a pro who can craft elegant turns of phrase even while describing the grimiest of situations.

    Sure, there are underlying themes here that readers can dwell on, if they wish. Gender roles, and the whole woman-in-a-man's-job routine. National parks vs. other wild areas. Montana & the Lower Forty-Eight vs. Alaska. Even, Man vs. Nature. Christine offers her succinct opinions in these areas and then moves on. This isn't an outwardly feminist, environmentalist, or political book. And that's good. She's given us just enough insight into a complex workplace and has brought into view the invisible lives of the traildogs. It's obvious that for Christine and Gabe, this once seasonal and temporary employment has become not only a passion, but also a year-round livelihood. I can't wait to find out what comes next for these two.

    "Dirt Work" is recommended reading for anyone who loves the outdoors. It certainly will provide food for thought, the next time you're out hiking. You may even find then that you've brought Christine and her traildogs with you. The book would also be a great selection for book discussion groups, especially those with a nature focus, for it should appeal to a wide audience of readers. I took my time with this one in order to savor every page. I didn't want my time with the traildogs to end.
  • PrescottJer "Jerry" - So far, So good!Been using McAfee for some time and took Amazon up on a bargain price for this Norton 360 package, which I can install on up to 3 computers. Installation, including uninstalling McAfee, went slowly but smoothly and within 15 or 20 minutes I had this new protection running. I like the way it interfaces with the internet and so far it has not bugged me with various messages, including updates, as much as McAfee did. I recommend Norton!
  • Tiffanie Lampasona - My favorite Kinnect GameEveryone that has a kinnect should have this game, not only because it promotes exercise, but because it is fun too! I don't like going to the gym and I can do this right at home. You can do a work out that is short or long, you can learn different dances and you can play games while getting fit. Highly recommend this game.