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  • Iris Dunson "irisfromohio" - Best Gift I've Ever Given my Kids for Myself!My older daughter goes through 5-8 2 liter bottles of pop a week, easily. My younger daughter is fond of Red Bull and usually buys her own. However, I do have occasion to indulge her from time to time. I try not to drink too many soft drinks, but I am fond of Diet Pepsi. My older daughter alone is the reason I chose to get the Sodastream for her Christmas present and it was THE BEST CHOICE I HAVE EVER MADE. It was easy to assemble and the process was very quick. Best of all, the product tasted wonderful! We tried the lemon-lime flavor which had the same fresh, crisp flavor that 7up made with cane sugar when I was young, cold and straight from the bottle. The diet cola did not taste like DP, but it was quite good. The flavor was not that of Diet Coke either, which is another plus for me. You don't need to use electricity, and it can be stored conveniently in the kitchen, close to the sink. I think filtered drinking water might even add to the flavor. Clean up is easy plus there are no used cans or bottles to deal with. And, yes, no lugging the any heavy beverages from the store. Anyway, I did the calculations, factoring the price of flavors and the tubes for the carbonation gas, and over the course of a year, if we save about $441 verses purchasing as we have been from the store. The only caveat I see is that one must be sure to read the instructions thoroughly and followed to the letter. That is mostly a problem for men, so that makes it a minor issue ;-). In summary, it is a great buy for households that do drink a lot of soda and sparkling water. I would purchase it again if I had to and when this one wears out, I will get another.
  • Bethalina7 - Great meal replacement.My mother is not fond of asking for help. I have found that by providing this meal replacement drink and having it on auto shipment is a great way to assist her. She needs to eat to take her medication but rarely has an appetite. She is unable to lift heavy objects and it is very convenient to have delivered to her door. She is appreciative. I can help in this way even though I live 600 miles away. It gives me peace of mind.
  • Jo Ana Starr "Mind-Body-Spirit" - Forecasting, Quantum Physics and MetaphysicsIn this optimistic book, author Greg Braden utilizes his technological background and spiritual outlook to create a book that gives us important insights into the years ahead, with special focus on 2012. Based on his research, the author has pinpointed "opportunity windows" for positive change in past, present and future transitional cycles and he shows us how these windows can be activated.

    This well-written book is a metaphysical approach to futurism/ forecasting and quantum physics. For Greg Braden fans, this book will delight. For the rest, this book will surprise you. I believe this is his best book in terms of research and presentation. All the dots seem to connect as the author lays out his conclusions based on extensive research.

    If you, like many of us, have concerns about 2012, read this book. I think you'll enjoy it !
  • Tiffany Hughes - Orgasmically wonderful!!Wow, the feel of this long slender rod in my hand is amazing. I never thought I would feel so invigorated when I am writing checks to pay my bills!! The thought of my bank account being depleted instantly goes away with every swish, swirl and hard dot and is replaced with automatic satisfaction!! My hand is ultimatley pleasured with these super ball pens, just so and I am right handed becuase my left hand is insanely jealous when I start to work with one of these babies;)
  • VIRGINIA C BAKER - Review Voyager from the Outlander SeriesTwo years ago I bought the entire Outlander series and read all of them. Loved every page! This year I picked up the first book and just browsed a few pages and realized that I read the whole series so fast that I missed a lot of history and really good writing. Jamie and Claire will keep you breathless either from their action packed adventures or their tender love story. So, now I am loading them all on my kindle and the books are just as exciting as the first time! This is the first time I have ever re-read a book. So, the Outlander series is just as exciting the second time around. Thanks for letting me review!