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  • Donna M. Ryan "DonnaDonna" - Great product and How to solve the binding issueI've had a We'moon calendar every year for more than a decade. The art, poetry and essays are always inspiring.

    I did some poking at the product descriptions on the two products listed as the We'moon calendar. If you compare the ISBN numbers to the We'Moon site, you'll see that one is the spiral bound edition and the other is the loose leaf edition. I'm very disappointed that Amazon did not carry the paperback edition.

    From the We'moon product description page on the We'Moon site

    We’Moon 2013 Spiral Edition ISBN: 978-1-890931-82-7
    We’Moon 2013 Sturdy Paperback Edition ISBN: 978-1-890931-83-4
    We’Moon 2013 Unbound Edition ISBN: 978-1-890931-84-1
  • JoshBusta6 - Amazing Tablet!While not without its small faults, this tablet was definitely a great buy. It's no wonder that it's one of the top competitors in the mini-tablet market. It's absolutely amazing!
  • Kim Fletcher - A Division MottAfter the abysmal "Final Cut" in 1983, which had every song written by Roger Waters and the same Gentleman had already fired founder member and keyboard player Rick Wright. Pink Floyd was laid to rest as a band without even touring the album.Fortunately Roger Waters was not allowed his way and after many court battles lead guitarist David Gilmour was allowed to legally own the name of Pink Floyd. In 1986 he reassembled Pink Floyd with Nick Mason, Floyd's original drummer; re-instated Rick Wright behind the keyboards; and replaced Roger Waters with the bass playing skills of Rick Wright's son-in-law Guy Pratt, which immediately increased the musical ability of the band. In early 1987 "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" was released under the Pink Floyd banner, proving that Pink Floyd were no spent force, but still had a lot to offer. It would of been a travesty of justice if "The Final Cut" had been Pink Floyd's epitaph, as, by any band's standards, it is a bad album; by the standards set by 'The Floyd', appalling. Only selling on past glories.But ''Momentary Lapse of Reason" was a huge commercial and critical success, (except in Roger Waters opinion). and was followed by a huge tour of the worlds biggest stadiums. To commemorate this 'The Floyd' released a double CD live recording called "Delicate Sound of Thunder" (1988), featuring many supporting musicians giving fine renditions of songs from the last album and reworks of past classics, also to enormous sales.After a couple of years recuperation the fifteenth and (probably) final `Pink Floyd' album was released in 1994, "The Division Bell". How fitting that here, finally, should be their best and most complete work. Not bad value either at over sixty six minutes worth of music. In Mott's Fantasy Pink Floyd's Live set "The Division Bell" is the only album to showcase four songs, unless you count the ten different sections of "Dark Side of the Moon", or the six pieces in "Atom Heart Mother". (You have to limit yourself to three and a half hours. You can't expect the guys to play all night.)David Gilmour's vocals and guitar have never been more splendid; Nick Mason by his own confession has never had a better drum sound; and Rick Wright makes a mockery of Water's decision to fire him, his keyboard playing throughout is nothing short of breathe-taking, proving that he is the only keyboard player for Pink Floyd. He even takes lead vocals on one track, "Wearing the Inside Out", his first solo vocal on a Pink Floyd album in over twenty years.The music opens with the very spacey "Cluster One'', where the solo efforts of Gilmour and Wright build together till sliding smoothly into first song proper "What do you want from me". "Cluster One" was the only song from the album not to be played live on the "Division Bell Tour", which is a shame as it is a marvelous opening to the album and would of made a very effective opener to the live show. (It also just happens to be one of the songs on Mott's Fantasy Live set list.)''Marooned'' won a Grammy in 1995 for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. Not bad for a bunch of old Dinosaurs. "High Hopes", the album's closing song, and if you like a final goodbye from the band, encompasses all the glorious facets of "The Floyd" in its eight and a half minutes. Perhaps reminding you of a short 'Dark Side of the Moon' with it's changing musical landscape and mystical lyrics.

    "The grass was greener,
    The light was brighter,
    With friends surrounded,
    The nights of wonder,"

    If you have this album in your collection you know what I am talking about. If not, immediately go out and buy it and discover why 'Pink Floyd' is the Greatest Band in Space.

    Mott the Dog.