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  • Emily Markussen Sorsher - Finally Some Relief From My Ambition!I was so thrilled that Mitt Romney educated us women on this exciting option. To think that I wasted my life earning advanced degrees when I could have spent my time waiting for my husband to come home and tell me about his day. With my new binder, he can take me out when he needs me and then put me on a shelf while he goes out and earns a decent living - as a man should. It does make it difficult for me to bring up his children, clean his house, make his meals, and satisfy his manly needs. However, I am sure he knows what's best - that why he gets to rise through his company and make more money than his equally qualified female co-workers (they don't have binders, and are causing an epidemic of gun violence in America). Overall, I am terribly grateful to the new binder that keeps me in my place - far, far below the men.
  • Rick Shaq Goldstein "*SHAQ*" - RICK "SHAQ" GOLDSTEIN SAYS: "HE LOOKED LIKE A GUY WHOSE SKIN WAS UNCOMFORTABLE WITH HAVING HIM IN IT"Comedian Artie Lange's follow-up to his best seller "Too Fat To Fish" could best be described as a demoralizing tragi-comedy... with less emphasis on comedy. The life that Artie has lived... especially since his last book... to be blunt... is a demoralizing... despicable... appalling... loathsome... detestable... waste of human life. To say he was addicted... would be akin to saying that if you were standing on a beach when a tsunami hit... you might get a few drops of water on your shoes. To the author's credit... other than a few self-deprecating jokes and a few "busting-balls" comments about other people... he doesn't try to paint his journey to a thousand levels below hell... as a sexy... sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll... life of envy. The amounts and types of drugs he inhaled is staggering. Many times the reader will literally step back from the book and say... many times... in different sequences...

    How has Artie not died?... How has Artie not died numerous times?

    And thank the Lord that Artie never killed anyone with all the car accidents and insanity behind the wheel... when he drove... while in such a condition that he shouldn't have been allowed to operate a tooth brush... for fear of him accidentally killing himself while trying to brush his teeth. Come to think of it... maybe that's why he would go so long without showers... shaving... and other cleansing type endeavors. He has also been blessed with some people such as his sainted Mother and sister... and friend Colin Quinn... who refused to give up trying to straighten out and save Artie's life. There is a special place in heaven for them.
    Lange's life of debauchery will lead you from one blackout to another... and finally to intensive care units... psych wards... and mental institutions. Artie blows threw money for drugs... booze... hookers... and gambling while making literally millions of dollars a year... and sometimes $100,000.00 in one night. Again... I give accolades to the author regarding his honesty about the fact that being an alcoholic drug addict encompasses not only tons of drugs and booze... but also the unfettered ability to lie about anything and everything... to everybody you come in contact with... twenty-four-hours-a-day.

    And then... there's the moment in time... that all addicts face... when you unceremoniously hit rock bottom!... when Artie did... it was like a sonic boom... on top of the drugs...

    "I got up off my couch, went to the closet where my maid keeps her supplies, and got a bottle of *CLOROX BLEACH*. I went back to the couch, sat down, removed the cap, and took a swig. I did this four times, thinking that bleach was so toxic it would get me high then make me pass out." ... Then he went to the kitchen and got the biggest chef's knife he had... and started stabbing himself!

    By the end of the book... after multiple rehabs... psych wards... mental institutions... and yes... more drugs... Artie now clean and sober has a cable talk show.

    This book... which includes perhaps the most disgusting bathroom experience in history on a private jet... among other nauseating descriptions... is not always easy to read... but it is definitely a "scared-straight" book for people who think drug and alcohol abuse by entertainment personalities is all glamour.
  • Naomi States ( - Great! A must-read for anyone wanting health and longevity!Since taking DHEA I have lost body fat, my exercise is more effective, I feel better, and my libido has increased! Read this book! Stephen Cherniske not only describes what DHEA can do for you, but teaches in detail a lifestyle consistent with health and longevity. DHEA restores balance to the immune system, strengthens bones, decreases recovery time after a workout, reduces body fat, decreases risk of heart disease, decreases risk of cancer, and decreases hyperinsulinism which contributes to obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and adult onset diabetes. DHEA tells the brain: "I'm young!..keep me well, alive, and kicking!" Wouldn't you like to take the DHEA and other health-building products that Steve Cherniske himself has formulated?
  • Ganapathy Iyer - Works as good as expected!Installation was a breeze!
    and everything works as expected.
    Feared that few high end features will not work or will face small compatibility issue with other windows users but so far in last 2 months, have not faces anything like that and all features worked flawlessly.
    Student edition does not have the outlook, so if you can live with that, this is worth buying!
  • dsb0303 - Not disappointed!I've been dying for this book to come out since I picked up Scandalous Desires two months ago (it's probably been since the Harry Potter series since I've waited for a book with such obsessive desire!) Thankfully, Elizabeth Hoyt delivers a story worthy of her delicious hero.

    Winter Makepeace is without a doubt one of my favorite heroes of all time. In my mind, he ranks up there with Jo Beverley's Rothgar, I enjoyed his character so much. Winter is a good man and one who has given his life to good deeds-- you find yourself, like Isabel, wanting to take care of this kind, lonely man. I thought his cold, repressed beginning made his awakening and eventual happiness all the more rewarding. Rather like an eighteenth-century Batman (I imagined Christian Bale's voice during the opening scene) Winter devotes himself to nocturnal rescue-missions within the slums of St. Giles. The only slightly unbelievable part--at least in a fictional world--is that he found it necessary to forswear sexual activity, as he's not a priest. But his education at Isabel's hands is sexy and highly enjoyable.

    I liked Isabel well-enough. She's intelligent and self-controlled, but not without her flaws. I definitely liked her better than Silence, who was a little too dithering and weepy for my tastes. The "lassie-snatchers" mystery worked better than a lot of adventure-plots.

    I can't believe some of the bad reviews out there-- granted I went into this book knowing I would like it--but it's definitely worth a read, if only for the tasty hero! Cheers!