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    There was a puzzled look on her face when she asked, "what's this?"
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  • Joanie - "A Fine Romance: Falling in Love With the English Countryside"I'm head over hills in love with the English countryside through Susan Branch's latest book! Susan's writings, drawings,& photos, drew me right in to the book & I didn't want to put it down! This book is fun, witty, clever too & will keep you smiling! I felt like I was right there with Susan & Joe the entire trip! Beautiful book, hurry & get yours, they're selling like hotcakes!
  • Muffy - I LOVED THIS book!This was such a wonderful book! I was totally taken by surprise. The story of Mrs.Noirot and the Duke of Clevedon is so romantic. Each character is TRYING to do the right thing and failing miserably. I love a book where the characters really fall in love with each other. There are a few subplots but the focus of the story is their relationship. I couldn't wait to finish the book but at the same time I didn't want it to end. Two very likable characters. This is a MUST read!