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  • Sigma06 - AWESOME!!!

    WONDERFUL READ! I thought book was slightly interesting when I entered to win a "giveaway" but the to speak... was on me! I could not put The Perfume Collector" down! Yes you figure out early on Grace's true identity but Tessaro takes you on a great journey with intriguing twists and turns."Period pieces"....what I call them... or historical fiction have on occasion lost me or failed to transport me so that I could truly enjoy the story....the Perfume Collector is not one of them. IT is beautifully written. At times I thought maybe I could smell the fragrances Tessaro described! I was very please to be a First Reads winner.

  • bobbewig - Very Reliable!

    In the time I've been using McAfee All Access 2013, I've been very satisfied with it.

    I found this software to be easy and trouble-free to install; and that it performs its functions quickly. Total Access 2013 satisfies my important need for a very reliable anti-virus program for my desktop PC and android-based tablet. You should know that it also protects android-based Smartphones, but I don't have this type of phone.

    In addition, it protects both my PC and tablet devices effectively by providing the following comprehensive forms of security: anti-spyware, anti-phishing, advanced web protection, and content filtering. Further, it protects my PC by offering antispam ptotection, home network defense, firewall, and file shredding. data backup (tablet only), home network defense and anti-theft. Further, it provides this protection on up to 3 PCs. And, it provides the following protection for my mobile tablet: device lock, remote data wipe, data backup and restore, locate and track capabilities, uninstall protection and app protection.

    Not being an expert on this subject, I can't tell you that this McAfee product is the best of the best or that it is the best value for the money. What I can tell you is that I have not experienced one second's worth of dissatisfaction with Total Access 2013 and that it fully satsfies all of my protection needs.

  • Pratchett Fan "pfan" - An excellent resource

    Missionary, prepper, backpacker? Get this book. Around 1970 I started studying first aid and wilderness medicine, and this is one of the best books in my library. More than just bandages and slings, this is the real deal to help you understand what you CAN do, and your limitations. A resource for anyone that ventures into the wild or the 3rd world. Or whatever. Do you live where a tornado, hurricane, flood, earthquake, or any other disaster might strike? If you live on this planet you do. Prepare yourself with the training you need to help yourself and others when the SHTF.

  • wendy chapman - You will enjoy this one.

    Well written, excellently paced work. Good characters and clever plot line. I haven't reach the end of the story and hope it holds together as well as the rest of the plot has done so far. It is a hard book to put down because the author knows how to keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. The style of alternating between the two main characters is well done.

  • CLA5570 - Neat & Clean

    Love my new cargo liner (floor mat)!!! I use the area behind the second seat in my Explorer primarily as a trunk and storage area (golf bag, groceries, etc.). The mat keeps things from sliding around and it looks neat & clean. It also protects the back section and third row seats from getting stained and/soiled. A MUST purchase for anyone who does not use their third row seats on a regular basis.