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  • Mike Shannon - Exactly what my sister needed for her twins!I am a huge advocate of my Mountain Buggy Mini, but it would not accommodate my Brother-in-law and sister because they were having twins. As part of their registry, they had added the Duet because I spoke so highly of my MB Mini. Since my wife and I received our Mini from them as our gift, we felt an obligation to buy a stroller for my sister and B-in-law to return the favor! I went ahead and bought the Duet because it had so many great remarks all over the web and I knew that I was getting a quality product. The one thing that really set this apart in my eyes was that it can take 2 car seats and is new born ready on each side of the stroller. When I bought the Duet I also noticed that MB had taken the features from my Mini(with exception of the fold) and added it to the rest of their line. The "new" Duet model has upgrades like a swing away bumper bar which my sister will not stop talking about because it is so easy to get the kids in and out. :) The frame now locks on its own for fast storage as well, instead of the strap that locked it on the previous model. Just make sure you are looking for the Duet "Evolution".

    The one downside is that my sister wanted Pink because she has twin little girls. The only available color at the time I bought was "flint" which is really all black with a grayish liner on the seats. Pink unfortunately is not available on Duet. Mountain Buggy seems to like their Black and Red strollers for the most part but when it comes down to it, sacrificing the color for the functionality has been a a win for both Brian and Jen. They each find the stroller simple to use, especially since Brian is a foot taller than Jenn. The stroller has an adjustable handle bar that can adjust to a comfortable push for both of them.

    All in all, when it came to the contest of the coolest gift at the baby shower, "This guy" and his wife had no problem taking home the Blue Ribbon!
  • Vahagn - Awesome productWell this is one if the best tablets I've ever meet. It works like a charm almost all the time. Sometimes there may be some issues with "The Library" app, which I think is Asus fault. I suggest to turn wifi off if you don't use it, cause it takes almost 70% of battery
  • Terri "3kids-at-home" - Flying FairyThis fairy is so cool. My daughter used to own another version, that was eventually banned due to danger of cutting your eyes while flying wildly through the air. This fairy has a home base, where you just press a button to make her launch. Your child then steers her by putting her hand under the flying fairy, and the fairy follows where ever you hold your hand out. Comes complete with fairy base, and hand book, and of course the fairy itself. Requires six batteries. Required age is 5-9, but my 14 year old loves it too!
  • nightowl - Awesome findAn unusual twist on post-apocalyptic sci-fi, and a cliffhanger at every other chapter. Plot twists mostly defied my guesses, characters were easy to identify with and care about. The ending was slightly typical in its starry-eye vision of the future, but it also leaves many loose ends for future books, and daydreams.