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  • Bradford Ferguson "trader-brad" - Fun, interestingAs you evolve your creature from the tide pool stage to the alien stage, the various stages are not innovative by themselves; however, the whole concept is innovative and fun to play. One thing that is cool about the game is that it automatically records history snapshots so you can go back and see how your creature has evolved and what it did in its interactions with other creatures.

    Educational and fun.

    Re: all the whingers, those people are not legit users of the software. They want to get rid of DRM so they can give it for free to friends and hurt sales of this video game. The more sales are hurt, the less likely games of this calibur will come to fruition.
  • Luca Tommasino - Purchased three in the family. An absolute joy.We have purchased now three Samsung Tab2 tablets 10 inches based on the users reviews and are extremely happy with the product. The Samsung Tab2 performs extremely well in all aspects. The colours and sound are vivid, the speed adequate, the wifi is powerful and reliable and the screen, very responsive without any problems. The battery lasts lot of days (I personally use it an average of two to four hours per day) and charges very fast. We have not found no problems whatsoever with any of the three devices and are fully enjoying them.
  • Bronwyn - Excellent productI usually am a Kapersky advocate ( after using Norton anti virus prior to that).

    I tried the Titanium Max and was pleasantly suprised by the ease of installation and use. I've noticed less alerts than Kapersky and also the fact that scans are taking less time. An added bonus is that you can also use this on your Android smart phone as well!

    Definitely recommend this product based on the price and the ease of use :-)
  • D.A. Fish - Well balanced feel, terrific imagesI have not been on board with these compact system, MIL, DSLM, or whatever acronym Amazon is using to describe the mirrorless cameras these days...until now! While the concept of having small, compact, lenses has been quite appealing to me (who doesn't want a 400mm equivalent lens smaller than a coffee mug!), the cameras themselves just never felt "right" in my hands. I have above average size hands, so the Panasonic GF, Sony NEX, and Nikon 1 systems always felt like point & shoot cameras and didn't give me a well balanced feel when framing shots. The G5 has a nice grip to go along with all those great lenses! It seems Panasonic has realized there are still some of us who like to use a viewfinder because the 1.4M dot Electronic viewfinder is INCREDIBLE. And while I tend to be a bit more of a traditionalist when it comes to taking photos, the 3" articulating LCD is fun to use when I'm shooting HD video of my 2 year old daughter. I'm quite impressed with photos I'm getting out of this camera, even with the kit lens. If you have been waiting to enter the mirrorless world, wait no longer. This is a terrific all-around camera and now that I'm in the Micro 4/3 world, it's time to start saving for those lenses!! My wife will be happy that I'm not using her allotted TSA carry-on limit to pack my lenses on our next trip. I'll be able to fit a whole system of lenses in her purse next time!
  • Paul Chutkow - Brilliant and Important -- whether you lean Left or Right...Predictably enough, political pundits on the left and right are rushing to grab pieces of "Our Political Nature" to substantiate their own biases, and this is understandable enough: Dr. Avi Tuschman has come forth with a book of stunning scope and importance.

    Examining the almost universal Left/Right political divide through various scientific lenses, Tuschman takes us deep down into the complexities of human nature in an effort to help us understand the evolutionary roots of the great political and moral conundrums of our day.

    From a humble fruit and vegetable vendor in Tunisia, to the innocent Christian woman in Pakistan who was almost lynched for blasphemy, and to the Costa Rican fisherman who forms a lasting kinship with a wounded crocodile, Dr. Tuschman uses riveting individual stories to highlight the findings of literally hundreds of scientific studies pertaining to our deepest political, social and moral orientations. The canvas here is global, and to put it bluntly I've never read anything this fascinating or compelling...

    In less talented hands, "Our Political Nature" might be a rather dry academic exercise, condemned to gather dust on university shelves. But the sheer scope of the material that Dr. Tuschman presents and helps us digest, plus the clarity and liveliness of his arguments, makes this a work of extraordinary importance and, I suspect, a cause for heated debate in political and intellectual circles for a long time to come.

    My best advice: do not accept anyone else's opinion of the book; dig into it and wrestle with the material yourself. And don't stop short of the final chapter: The Enigmatic Altruism of Heroic Rescuers. As depressing as America's Left/Right split seems today, via the hearts and courage of these selfless rescuers Tuschman holds out the hope that maybe, just maybe, mankind will one day escape the shackles of ignorance and hate and evolve to a higher, more civilized place. Yes, here's hoping...