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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: H7W Laval, Quebec

  • Cheri Beda - Awesome latte!

    I love my new Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte! I have toiled over the decision to buy a kurig machine for the easy 1 cup expereince but could never bring myself to do so because of the high cost overall. My 4 cup maker broke after several moves and too much hard water, and my espresso machine's carafe broke in a move so it was time for something new!

    This machine is so awsome! It makes great tasting latte and tea latte. It is easy to make something comparable to a coffee shop. You add all of the ingredients to the pot and the coffee or tea to the top. It froths the milk while the coffee/tea brews. It is mixed and delicious when done.

    There are a couple of things to note: No part of this is diswasher safe so it is a hand wash as the electronics are in the pot and lid. If you want your latte hot you should use the froth/heat function first then use the latte function. If you use the latte function withreally cold milk you will get a cool latte which is great if you are adding ice. This machine uses 4 cup filters and is easy to clean up. I recommend Cafe Bustillo for the espresso as it is finely ground and make a robust flavor. I use regular bargain brand chai tea bags for the tea and it is wonderful. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy one step coffee maker without the high cost of the k-cups.

  • Ovieda Estrada "Insight Seeker" - Works for me!

    My medical doctor recommended this product to me after diagnosing me with candida via a blood test. Some people have complained about feeling bad. I have to ask - did your doctor not explain to you that when you kill candida, the dying off produces at times almost flu like symptoms? Everything from bad breath to stomach cramps. I don't think you can blame the products you ar using to kill the candida. This product tastes good and is very portable which I like. Based on the candida die off symptoms I have, it seems to be working. It also gives me a little energy boost.

  • Timothy Vermilyea - Extremely thoughtful and well-written

    Courage and dependence upon God - I was struck by these two ideas throughout my reading of the journey upon which the author has embarked. I was also provided with insights that I could not possess as a heterosexual and happily married man. I believe I will be able to offer this book to Christian friends who are living with the same struggles - I believe it will offer them hope.