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  • Sharon Rue - Fascinating, even better than Wolf Hall!I read Wolf Hall, the first in this trilogy, and found it absolutely intriguing despite the fact that it is not a particularly "easy read." So many interrelated characters, some confusion with Mantel's use of the pronoun "he"..."He who?" but nonetheless a fascinating look into the life and influence of Thomas Cromwell and his continuing service at the Court of Henry VIII as well as many other characters whirling in that maelstrom of political treachery. Mantel brings historical figures alive with narrative and insight. In the case of both of these books, knowing the fate of the characters only added to the excitement of the unfolding drama. Like a soap opera but with much better writing and a foundation in history, this book had me wondering, "What's next?!"

    If you are looking for light entertainment in a book, this might not be your cup o' tea. However, if you are captivated by historical figures and want to imagine what their private lives and interactions might have been during an era fraught with political intrigue, dangerous alliances and mercurial fortunes this is your book. Would highly recommend reading Wolf Hall first.

    One of my enjoyments of both Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies was the subtle reference of the titles. Can't wait for book three!
  • L. S. Lewis - The missing pieceIn my recovery for alcohol and drug addiction, I had hit a wall concerning personal relationships. The insanity continued, I could no longer deny that my way was not working. This book is the perfect guidance material to implement into my current program. How refreshing it was to discover my problems were not unique to me!! The book describes Love Addicts, the book describes me. Thank God for Pia Mellody's motivation to publish.

    Without this book, I'd be lost at sea without a life preserver. With it, there's hope. If you're curious, try it... a little reading never hurt nobody ;)
  • Felicia DeCecca - Best book I've ever readThis book was incredible. I haven't found a book I have been so excited to find the time to read. It was interesting every single step of the way from page one. First time a book actually made me cry and so many other feelings I didn't think a book could give me. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anybody reading this review. I'm so excited to start the next book in this series!! Way to go on making this an amazing experience full of all emotion. Thank you!!!!!!!