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  • J. Bailey - Looking for Freedom Has Never Sounded BetterI was drinking a hot cup of Hoffee when this cable finally came in the mail. It is so revolutionary, the when the mailman pressed the doorbell, it shattered all the windows in my home, similar to the sonic boom created by the Olson twins' bizjet flying Lance Armstrong to New York. I delicately placed the sanctified spaghetti string between my 1995 IBM Aptiva Pentium w/MMX technology (makes the media player visualizer so much more intense) computer and my 2.5 watt 7.2 Klipsch speaker setup wired around the doghouse. I have never heard sleep-depriving white noise played so accurately, or with such attitude, continuously. It's almost as if pieces of the ethereal Ethernet cable are being pumped through the speaker cones, as if Klipsch and Denon secretly collaborated to design a speaker/cable setup that actually throws gold particles at my eardrums, and those of my beloved but sleep-deprived puppies. I am almost 100% sure this cable was used in David Hasselhoff's Looking for Freedom concert atop the Berlin Wall, the very same show that ended communism in Europe. While listening to the Hoffenschosh's albums, I noted that Hot Shot City is particulary good.
  • Becky Blackham - Excited to startI can't tell you how many other product I've bought, what I can tell you is I don't use any of them for long, some not at all. I get bored, feel unchallenged, or fail to understand there entire program. I've read through all the material in P90X, It's easy to follow, understand and most important.......I beleive in the entire concept of this program. I'm extremley excited to start, knowing It's a challenge I'll enjoy and complete, and implimenting a life style change that I can build on. I've always been an active person, careful what I eat, making sure by diet is balanced and healthy. I'm a Mother of 5 boys and 1 daughter, who are all grown up with children of their own there own....( 7 Grand-kids) !!!!!!! I've always stayed active and cooked healty meals for myself and family.
    The last 3-4 years in my life have been a bit of a struggle....bad luck....wierd health issues....injuries....ETC!!!! It seems like one thing after the next, just when I'm feeling good enough to get back on track..( Exerciseing and being Active)..........BAM....!!!!!!!!!!!
    One more health problem to deal with...( Brown reclusive spider bite on leg.... Finger infection that went into my bone.... shoulder injury...Gallbladder issues..ETC!!!!!) My system was been so screwed up from all the medication Doctor's put me on, it's been a roller coaster ride, with drastic changes to my body!!! It's scary to see the changes, weight gain, lose of muscle tone, flexability,
    lack of energy, ETC... I don't like how I feel or how I look, and at my age..54... It's not easy to loose weight!! I never changed my diet, infact I made it Healthier, as Healthy as it gets. The missing factor in my life has been not being active, which in this case was IMPOSIBLE......Doctor's orders were, ( limited activity) Over the last couple of years my weight goes up and down like a ...YO..YO.. I get on track then fail.. get on track.. fail.. over and over. I started looking into programs, tryed a few, bought alot, didn't like any of them with few results. I've looked and read so much material about good health, and exercise....I could probably teach a class..... My youngest son plays College Baseball and recomended P90X.....He said," his training coach raved about the program." I gathered as much information as possible, read hundreds of rewiews, talked to my Dr, asked Health Professionals of different area's, ETC.... This program came highly recomended by many top notch Professionals, so I bought it, read through it, loved everything I read, and I'm supper excited to start!! I'm waiting for my Doctor's OK..... Then I'll start, and report my progress!!
    I havn't been this excited in a long time..... I'm going to order a lower leveled program of Tony Horton to get started... When I feel my body is ready.....I'm going for it.... FULL FORCE!!!! Let you know how I do....Pictures and all.
  • "mattyjo" - Great AlbumThis is a must have for every Pink Floyd fan. Heck, every music fan. This album, while it's not as epic as Dark Side of the Moon, it's just a great album.
    While this album was made in the period I like to call "Water's downfall", it still has enough influence from the earlier albums to make it good.
    This is the missing link between Wish You Were Here and The Wall, which is the only reason it was so good; it starts to show resemblance of the style of The Wall, which, in my opinion, is a stinker.
    But Animals definately is not for the casual listener. It's more of an aquired taste. It reflects Pink's opinions more than other albums, but, maybe it's only because they do it more openly than their others. Especially the song "Pigs (Three Different Ones)"
    And, for anyone who likes Heavy Metal, the song "Sheep" has a little bit of a Heavy Metal sound to it.
    Overall, this is a great album. I would definately recommend this to any music fan, especially those that are Pink.