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  • Joanna Daneman - Incredible value

    This set of docs and software won't substitute for a good attorney, but it will get you started in business for a minimal cost. And will shorten your visits with said attorney as you become familiar with the types of docs you need to be in business. A must for anyone with their own enterprise.

  • Sam Smith - Great tablet!

    I've had this tablet now for about a month and so far it has met my every expectation. The screen is neither too small that you can't read some websites or pdf's (like B&N's Nook at times) nor too big that the unit is cumbersome to hold. In fact, I was astonished at how thin the tablet it. The resolution of the screen is very impressive and colors are displayed vibrantly.

    I've seen several complaints on here about the WiFi not being very reliable. Personally, I haven't seen this to be a major problem. I will admit there have been some spots where my laptop could reach a weak signal where the Transformer would not reach it. As long as you're in a place where there is anything more than a very weak signal, the Transformer has connected reliably and with decent speeds.

    Last week the tablet automatically updated to Android's new operating system (4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwhich). While I'm not usually one to fix something that isn't broken (HoneyComb seemed to work just fine), I have noticed a big difference particularly in speed. Websites, programs, videos and apps load much faster in the new operating system.

    Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional tablet.

  • Penny Lewis - Great product did what it said

    I read all the reviews before I purchased this product and it showed that there were more positive reviews than non positive results. I am happy to say that this product did exactly what it said it was going to do. I had a small raised brown mole on the side of my face. I scrached it with the file pretty good all over it until it was really tender and then I put the product on which did sting for awhile. Then the next morning I woke up with a scab which I tried to hide under a bandaid which I drew more attention than without. The scab then came off a week later. The area is red and has a little divit but is already filling in. I am so please with the results it worked for me and was well worth the money due to the fact that the mole was taken off twice previousely by a dematologist and it came back.