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  • Sue B "Sue B" - i have my life back!i have been using this product for one month now and could not be happier with the results. for years, i have experienced daily anxiety when i would go out shopping or out to eat with friends because my stomach was unpredictable. now i go out and i don't even think about it. what a blessing! if you are reading this because you have stomach issues, give it a try and i truly hope you have the same results.
  • C. Dickerman "lee lee" - when your doctor does not have the answer look hereFive gastro doctors and years later, I finally reached bottome after numerous intestional surgeries and decided if I could find help I would do whatever was necessary. I take on and off courses of specific antibiotics after my new gastro doctor did a little known test that had to be sent across country to the cutting edge Massachusetts to find the critters in my body, I take high quality specific probiotics and I STAY on this diet. Two months later, things are beginning to turn around. Choices are be sick all the time and in agony or get your dicipline on and just DO IT>
  • James W. Mclean Jr. "pawpawmac" - Protect your SystemNeeding virus protection program for 5 laptops and a desk top and having poor results with several other programs over the years, I bought two McAfee Total Protection systems, Although alittle difficult to install , aid was only a phone call away and they did all the work. Great product, great user assistance and it appears, a great system virus protection program. As of now I will be a repeat customer of theirs.
  • A. T. Miller "Author" - This is NOT just a movie spin-off. Take it seriously!While taking off where the Avengers movie ended, this is an entirely different product. Joss Whedon fans will rejoice at the inclusion of two characters who have worked with him in the past, one from Firefly and one from Angel.

    I am not an easy person to please, but this show has everything. Great writing and acting, lots of action, peculiar sci-fi, an engaging plot, and really, really likable characters. If the rest of the season is as good as this pilot, then we have a great show ahead of us. Let's have episode two!
  • Boston - Superb light weight cordless vacuumPRO: Beautifully engineered and easy to use. Cordless operation and easily steerable head make light vacuuming a breeze. Battery lasts long enough for 4 or 5 big rooms (~15-20 minutes of use). Easy to empty canister. Dyson design and washable filter means no bags to buy. Recharges in its hanging stand. Comes with wand, brush accessories. Rugged plastic (we've dropped it without harm).

    CON: Not a heavy duty vacuum. Takes 4-5 hours to recharge. Expensive

    OVERALL: absolutely perfect vacuum for a vacation house or general light cleaning.