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  • Banana Anna - Very resourcefulI bought this book last week to read while on vacation. I finished it in 2 days.... This book made me want to spring clean my house as soon as I returned (and I did)!! A book that can excite me about cleaning and make the process enjoyable is worth 5 stars to me. I'm really into organic skin care and makeup, and that's why I primarily purchased this book. I wasn't expecting to like the "cleaning" and "home" sections of the book the most. I'm a single young woman, so this book is not just for mothers with children. I would divide the book into 5 categories: beauty, style, cleaning, home and kids. A few tips I've learned from the book that I didn't know before:

    1. Put non-chlorine bleach at the bottom of your toilet brush to keep it from getting icky.
    2. Using vodka mixed with essential oils as an air freshener spray
    3. Products that result in off-gassing, such as polyurethane coating for hardwood floors and furniture, cabinets that are used with glue and wallpaper adhesives. There's not too much I can do now that I've already done some home remodeling, but I have the knowledge now if I ever move into a different home....

    Jessica Alba mentions her "Honest" line of products throughout the book. When I initially noticed this, I was a bit turned off, because I thought this book would just end up as a plug for her product line. I then went on the Honest website, and I noticed that the products were actually affordable and seemed decent. I'm a sucker and ended up purchasing a handful of products. I received my products the other day, and I've already used just about every single one. I'm sure this whole product line will be available at health food stores in no time (rather than ordering a big box online). Here is a review of the products I've tested out so far:

    1. Dishwasher pods: Excellent! Made my dishes and glasses super clean, no spots. I put a cookie sheet pan in the dishwasher, and it came out clean. These do not have any sort of aroma (I wish they did).
    2. Floor cleaner: Excellent! I used this on my hardwood floors; I normally use the Swedish "Bona" brand hardwood spray. This is equally as good! My hardwood floors are shiny and clean. Has a nice aroma.
    3. Multi-Surface cleaner: Smells like a fresh squeezed grapefruit! So far so good! I used this on my kitchen countertops. The spray nozzle is a little flimsy; could be improved.
    4. Toilet bowl cleaner: I've used natural toilet bowl cleansers in the past, and I had never found one very effective. This, however, is very nice. It's very thick, unlike other natural/organic ones I've tried. Has a nice minty smell.
    5. Bathroom cleaner: Very nice and smells great. I used it to clean my tiled shower wall and tub.
    6. Laundry Detergent liquid: Well, my clothes appear clean. I wish this had a natural aroma, perhaps they will come up with one in the future.

    I also purchased, but have not tried yet: Hair detangler, bubble bath and fruit/veggie spray cleaner. The hair detangler smells AMAZING!!

    Overall, this book is a worthwhile read. If you can get even one tip that you can use for the rest of your life that will be better for you, your family and the environment, this book will certainly prove to be invaluable!
  • Mama Food Researcher "Mama Food Researcher" - Great Diet for people with Ulcerative Colitis and RECOMMENDATIONThis specific carbohydrate diet really works. I no longer have any signs of UC (ulcerative colitis). The book is a really easy read (only 78 pages-- the rest of the book is recipes). The RECIPES are easy and fun. I read of few reviews that said it was hard to make the food in the recipe book. I disagree.
    I do RECOMMEND that you have a Cuisinart Food Processor Prep 11+ or other food processor. It makes grinding up the nuts really easy and really fast. The food tastes great. I have enjoyed the muffins, bread and pancakes... taste like the real thing! I am also lactose intolerant so I have not made the yogurt that is crucial to the diet. I do take probiotic pills instead.
    It really is not a hard diet to follow... lots of fruits, veggies, meats and nuts. I would also recommend a juicer. The "Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer" is pretty amazing. I make fresh carrot and apple juice almost once a week (the juice lasts about 5-7 days). Delicious!
    Hope you purchase the book if you have any kind of intestinal issues. This book is also good to read for people that have children with Autism or for people with mental disabilities.

    Also, I recommend that you buy the nuts at Costco. They are really inexpensive there. Lowest price that I found.