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  • Lizz A. Belle "lizzabelle, English major nerd" - A must read for any Jim Henson fan

    If you love Muppets, Sesame Street and/or just want to get into the creative genius that was Jim Henson, this is a wonderfully thorough and beautifully written biography paying tribute to one of the most creative minds of the 20th century. I highly recommend it for anyone who wondered about the tall, bearded man who brought us Kermit the Frog, the Dark Crystal and most of the cast of Sesame Street.

    I don't normally read biographies but this is one I knew I could not pass up. While the book is quite lengthy and does take time to get to the initial creation of what we know today as the Muppets, Henson's life is fascinating in that he never wanted to actually be a puppeteer, he sort of stumbled on to it and resisted it for so long because he did not want to be labeled "a children's puppeteer." Instead, he pioneered that form of entertainment by moving beyond marionettes and wooden puppets with flat expressions, creating the Muppets from anything he had lying around (Kermit was originally a blue housecoat his mother owned). The Muppets were unlike other puppets because they were so lifelike including having facial expressions and eye movements never seen before.

    Henson's trip to stardom never went to his head and he continued to do many of the pieces he accomplished because he enjoyed them (see the section on commercials the Muppets made).

    The BEST part of this bio in my opinion is seeing the evolution of your favorite characters. Cookie Monster and Grover were both background monsters who were repurposed to become our beloved Sesame Street characters they are now. Gonzo used to be a hooked nosed monster living in a cigar box named Snarl. These are just a few examples of the treasures to be found in this bio.

    I share the view of many that we lost Jim Henson tragically early. It is so sad that we did not get to see what else he had in store for his Muppets and I wonder what he would think of the Walt Disney company owning them today and what they have/have not done with his charming creations.

    This is a brilliant biography of a brilliant man and if you love the Muppets, this is definitely one to read.

  • M Windrim - A journey from critical illness to health

    When one is critically ill, any reason for hope is gladly grasped. Hospitalization, drugs and no diagnosis (but lots of medical opinions) left me in a downward spiral. After a desperate personal search for answers, I found this book and a growing support group of adherents on the internet. Two years later I am drug free, in near normal health and still following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. When one has nowhere to go but up, it is GREAT to find an elevator to the top floor!

  • Sharon V. McIntosh - I love it!

    I had one of the older kindle's for about 3 years. I really liked to take it with me traveling. But decided to upgrade to the new Kindle Fire Hd. I love it! Love it! Like that it is like a tablet for checking e-mails, Facebook, play games, READING (the biggie) and lay in bed to do all of the above. Plus you can watch movies on it - - I haven't done that yet, but will get to it.
    It is a great product!