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  • Lost in America - You will not believe the sound from this bluetooth speaker...I had 2nd thoughts after purchasing online, even went to listen to the Braven series (440,650,850), today. My TDK came in a week early (one of my reasons for canceling), showed up today! I am so glad I did not return/cancel/etc/ This is an unbelievable bluetooth speaker, with the sound comparable and maybe better to the Braven 850 (20 watts) and < half the cost!. I cannot believe there aren't any reviews to look at in the major pubs. with the exception of Consumer Reports and they gave it a best buy rating. The sound is simply clear, with the volume up loud or down low, no discernible distortion, clean sound. I used to have a pair of Klispch ($800 a pair) paired with a Yamaha Pure sound receiver made in the early 80's, they were awesome and this little unit reminds me of the clarity, not as loud of a course, but quality nonetheless. I listen to a varied music selection: Early Pink Floyd (listen to Echoes and you will not be disappointed), The Outlaws, Green Grass and High Tides), Genesis, Selling England by the Pound and Seconds Out!,King Crimson (In the Court...) etc. Thank you Amazon for initially halting the "stop my order" process. This is well worth the $119!!!!!!!! PS, I am using an iPhone 5s....EXCELLENT sound!
  • L. Miller - Exactly the book I've been looking forAfter doing my own research on what food restrictions, the question that was never answered was why? Why is caffeine, soft cheese, papaya, all these random foods I'm supposed to avoid, why are they dangerous, and how much of a risk is it? Why does no one tell you? After looking up some of them such as caffeine, I found the evidence weak, recommendations inconsistent and actual risk completely unknown. It's just best to avoid eating and breathing entirely to prevent any possible harm.

    After reading the list of 1-star reviews, it makes it all the more obvious that a book like this is needed. FAS is not well understood by the general population, and the idea of using statistics and medical research to figure out if and when alcohol during a pregnancy is not harmful is apparently producing dozens of hysterical reviews. To the 1-star reviewers, who do you think actually writes medical recommendations? Who approves drugs? It's physicians yes, but they only review the statistically research by people such as this book's author.
  • Peter A. Becker - Wow! Perfect for the ultimate Rush fan!This DVD is a lot of fun, right from the beginning, which starts out with the classic, campy "Rash" satire. We saw this same show live earlier in the tour, and I am enjoying the DVD of the Cleveland show every bit as much as the live act we caught in VA. The audio is so clear, you can see/here everything so well, in that sense it far surpasses the live show. So many of our favorite tunes are here, and the playing is simply superb. My son plays bass and he is crazy about Geddy (naturally!), and I play guitar and love all of Alex's work. And we are both in awe of Neil! Can't go wrong with this, it's a phenomenal tour de force from beginning to end. There will never be another band like Rush!
  • T. He - Best deal ever!!!My daughter has been wanting a ps3 for awhile and I decided to buy it for Christmas. Unfortunately the ps3 was about 300. She went to look up some deals and ended up finding this amazon item. I knew a great deal like this would be hard to comeby so I told her I would get it as an early christmas present. She got very excited and I managed to get it at the last few seconds. She cannot wait to get this great product!