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  • JohnT - Outstanding

    I've read several books on this subject. This one is hands down the best. Note: Part 1 was slightly slow for me. KEEP READING! The rest of the book needs this foundation to make sense.

    This books provides excellent insight and balance. Most relationship books tell men to be more of a jerk or to be nicer. This book shows how how to be a "nice guy with a hard edge." It's practical and doable in the world I live.

    It helped me understand more about my wife's physical body and why some days she's way more into some things than others.

    I've already started doing several things I learned from the book and my wife and I are both happier for it. If you're a man looking for better sex with your wife, I highly suggest this book.

  • MG - My skin has never looked better!

    Wow! My skin has never looked better since our family dermatologist recommended Zeno. Of course I was skeptical at first, until my doctor told us that Zeno had a 30 day return policy (which we verified on the product website at My doctor also said he had never had a patient return a Zeno. Well, he was right on the money! My wife and I are very satisfied with our purchase and its skin is clear (for the first time in my life!) and she no longer complains about the monthly cyclical pimples. I am going to buy several more now as gifts for family is well worth the price, and it really works!

  • King of the kitchen - A real life changer!

    This thing has revolutionised my food experience! For years and years I was known for my food slicing symmetry and prowess. Apples, pears, oranges, grapes you name it, if it was there in my lunch box it was perfectly sliced. However one day I got cocky and took on the banana, confronted with a knife, chopping board and this yellow rod of wonder I panicked and left the banana untouched in my lunchbox. When I got to work my reassuring thoughts of "no one will notice" were destroyed. As I pulled out my lunch I heard suppressed laughter from all around. Sweating profusely I ran to the draw and in front of all of my work mates have it my best cutting attack but it was to no avail. I turned to find the crippling embarrassment of untrimmed fruit had lost me the respect of my colleagues. I ran home crying and frantically proceeded to google a solution to my problem. There it was! I am now the proud owner of this culinary engineering masterpiece and can walk into the canteen with my head held high as people stare once again in amazement of my fructose organisation. Thank you

  • N. Glenn "Glenn." - In love with LeapPad

    This is not our first kid's tablet in our house but we love LeapPads, there is nothing that compares to the variety of games, movies, ebooks, and learning apps available on the LeapFrog download store. This is a fast loading pad, games take half as long on this than the other kids tablet we own. I love the Monster's University theme, the blue is very beautiful and my kids like that everything leappad, gelskin, even the screen cloth features Monster's University. The games from the store are easy to download and can be used on up to three leapfrog systems (Leappad or Leapfrog explorer) and my kids really enjoy the games. This does burn through batteries fairly quickly but we simply keep rechargables on hand to swap out, you can also buy the charging kit allowing you to plug into a wall outlet. All in all Leapfrog hit the mark with this awesome product!