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  • tmikita - Sweet Baby JesusI purchased the Hutzler 571 expecting it to slice my bananas but I didn't realize that it also did much more. When I took it out of the box I found out that it also doubles as a time machine. The first thing I did was travel back in time and killed Hitler, I then continued on with my good deeds and showed the cavemen fire, stopped the slave trade, cured the black plague and stopped the shooter in the grassy knoll from assassinating JFK. I also went forward in time and brought the wholly mammoth back from extinction and found the cure to cancer which I will be auctioning off later this month. Your welcome.
  • JDub420 - Makes My Weed Taste Like CoconutsI'm glad I stumbled across this product on amazon, It's fantastic! I have diagnosed twitch-eye syndrome and am prescribed medical marijuana, so Im blazin all day. When I saw this Uranium, I thought to myself "I bet this will take my high to a whole other level!", and it did.

    When I first added the ore to my daily smoking regiment, I imediately noticed that not only did my eye stop twitching completely, but I was begining to see through soft objects (couch pillows, towels, shirts, etc.) After a while, I could even see without opening my eyes at all! The only draw back was that it tasted like coconuts, and I hate coconuts.

    Now I am 22, living by myself, and I have X-ray vision. Hopefully next year I will recieve a letter from hogwarts to supply me with an opportunity to use my powers for good and save the wizard world from Voldemort. Thanks!
  • S Fish - The hottest thing this ChristmasI saw this product and noticed that they had some in stock, then I quickly ordered a dozen of them. Immediately, I placed them up for sale on eBay. I made a killing off of them.

    Don't wait, order your Tuscan Whole Milk now. It is hotter than TMX Elmo or the Playstation 3, or even Lucky the Wonder Pup this Christmas. Make sure to order enough for your whole family, and order it now before they sell out!
  • TaosGuy "Taos Guy" - Best of the bunch!This cooktop has amazed us. Temperature can be set in 10 increments. It boils water in 3 minutes. I cook fish in 5 minute. No heat, no mess

    You can put a stick of buttrt in the pan, and stayrs perfect all day. No burning! Make great healthy Greek yougurt. Lightly cook a piece of Damon in 5 minutes starte to find. Yum!

    Cookware that comes with it top quality and worth more than offered for. Great unit!

    Temps are 100-550 so that about covers it all. We no longer use out range or microwave, because the PIC is cleaner, safer, cooler, and much faster and more accurate. We are Organic whole food eaters and never have to worry about over cooking anything and ruling its nutrient value.

  • Akbersaeed - A must have for ANY Med student.I dont think it is even possible for me to describe this brilliance of this book as a classroom supplement. First aid is a must have. Purchase it during your 1st year and use the book as a supplement while studying for your class exams. Use the extra space for writing additional notes. The book should be a complete mess by the time your done with it. That should be your own proof that you made an honest effort to utilize it.

    Again, I highly recommend this book.