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  • B. Bowen - Great Calendar as alwaysI have purchased this calendar every year for more than 10 years. I love the photos from Yosemite National Park the most. In fact, I've traveled to Yosemite from Florida due to the photos I have admired from Ansel Adams over the years (a great trip to one of the most awesome spots in the US). This is very much recommended.
  • KK - Great productI purchased Exposed after trying tons of other products to clear up my skin. Exposed was the only product that worked for me. It even worked better than a prescription medication a dermatologist prescribed to me. I was amazed by the results. For the first time in my life, I have clear skin and it's all thanks to the Exposed skin care line!
  • Sackett - Very Satisfied CustomerI've been a user of QuickBooks Pro for years. My first version was the first one they came out with.

    I've been in computer manufacturing for the past 25 years and have used QuckBooks from the beginning. I tried other programs that didn't do what I needed. But QuickBooks always came through like a champ. I built all types of computers from home user systems to high end Gaming computers.

    I'm now into a distribution company cover a three state area and once again QuickBooks 2011 has made the start up very easy.

    I recommend this software to everyone and is a great place to get what you need to start your business.
  • skyflyt - Didn't think this would work as well as it does!!!The first time i used it one my face I didn't see much difference in the length of my breakout but the second time when I felt a Really nasty under-skin-zit on the side of my nose I immediately put that on for two nights after I washed my face each night and the zit didn't even come though!!! Thoroughly pleased with this product!!! DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY!!!! Don't doubt yourself on this!