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  • ChillyWiIlly - MUST READ! WELL RESEARCHED!As a BookSeller, I see alot of Books every month. I have read bits and pieces of Coulter's Books before. This is the First Coulter Book I read in it's entirety.

    As a Registered Democrat..I have to say that most of the things that Coulter says are true.
    The Progressives have overtaken the Democrat Party. They use the cry of "Racism" whenever possible. My entire family voted for Obama in 2008. I did not. My entire family will vote for Romney this time...all are registered Democrats. They will NOT be fooled or manipulated again by the likes of Al Sharpton and Obama.

    Additionally, ALL the 1 Star Reviews were written by Left Wing Extremist Progressives. They say they are for truth and justice. However, Left Wing Progressives always try to supress information that is potentially damaging to their causes. This was seen time and time again with the "most transparent administration" of Obama.
  • S. BENT-LETTMAN - Finally!I have wanted a tablet for so long and now that I have this I'm so obsessed with it. Its super easy to setup and use and its pretty similar to the Samsung Galaxy phone so having the phone for three yrs made using this a breeze. Great size and best value for the money.
  • derek1268 - good product and good serviceMy friend recommended we use it, because their test is accurate, my wife's in United States test results should be female baby, we hope is right, and my wife called intelligender company to request some info and got very enthusiastic answer, they are concerned about my wife and our baby, they provide us with some good suggestions for pregnancy.
  • T.A.R. - It actually worksI give it 5 stars just for the simple fact that it does what it claims. If you use this as directed, you'll be very suprised. It's a little messy, I had to do 2 applications, took about a day and a half til I could go 'bandaid-less' without the paste. 1 actually came off yesterday (started the whole process 4 days ago) and the others definitely look like they are going to soon. It is a little painful & itchy (not to mention gross) but nothing awful. Those small round bandaids are perfect for this. I'll update this once they start to heal (the one that came off kind of looks like a little burn wound right now) and maybe I'll have during/after photos then. Also, it didn't really affect the healthy skin around it very much, and I know I wasn't very careful about applying it. Overall, it's worth the money. Careful about putting this in a place where others can see, it'll take a bit to heal and it turns the spot BLACK until it falls off. Wanted to also say the customer service is GREAT, the guy was super quick to reply to my emails and very nice/professional. I'll update in a few weeks!

    update 3/27: All gone but a few holes/divots are left behind, not healed yet though and still red. Using neosporin and bandaids 24/7.

    update 4/6: Divots have filled in, looking SO much better, just a bit red and discolored. Just started using prefer on scar treatment.

    update 5/26: about half of the moles are starting to grow back (although smaller and flat). others are scars that lighten every week but still quite noticeable. will reapply to the ones reappearing.

    update a year and half later: reapplied and they are ALL gone still, and the scars have almost vanished, just a teeny touch lighter than the surrounding skin, but certainly not noticeable.

    updated 3.5 years later: still all gone. :)
  • Angie Canham - Dream strollerThis stroller was just delivered to me and it took about 10 minutes to put it together- that includes unpackaging it and supervising a feisty one year old. I saw a lot of reviews for other strollers indicating a lot of hassle getting little screws or other small pieces to fit when installing the wheels- not this one! Literally, click them in and you are set. Oh, and the ten minutes also included having fun with all the awesome things the stroller's canopy does- an unexpected bonus. There are so many options!! I was spoiled with the Peg Perego P3 Pliko's canopy and found most stroller's canopies to be sadly lacking, but the B-Agile's goes above and beyond. This stroller folds so flat it's like a dream come true! And the seat is so comfy! Most three-wheel strollers have a a seat that's about as comfortable as a 2x4, but this one has some cushiness to it. Yay! The handle is also high enough for me- I'm 5'7". Though I nonetheless would have liked it if it was a telescoping handle. This is the easiest one-step fold, and I love that the unfold is even easier. The steering is amazing, and it weighs next to nothing. My only real complaint? They got a bit carried away making the latch difficult for kids to undo. I'm hoping that there's a trick to it that will dawn on me, or that it will loosen up with time. I'm REALLY hoping that this isn't their one design flaw that they will fix for future generations. It's true that you generally have to pick what you want out of your stroller because each stroller has pros and cons. This is my third stroller and I did a LOT of research before getting it; I feel like this is the closest you can get to the dream stroller.