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  • yygsgsdrassil "yygsgsdrassil" - Simply A Massive Masterpiece......and they thought they were just doing cool, dancible electronica. Anybody who can be inspired by the likes of Wally Badarou, John Lennon, Mahler and William DeVaughn no way can be bad in my book. We here in the Crossroads near the quad are looking forward to their new product "100 Windows" out later this month. Bristol must be a jammin' joint. We know London is one. Big ups to innovator Neneh Cherry (Neneh, come back....!) who helped out on "Hymn of the Big Wheel". You will simply love these mixes of samples of songs, snatches and scratches of tasty synthesizers, keyboards and strings, electrobeats, smoothed out vocals (perfection from Nelson, Andy and Bryan), palatable raps and sound bites from God knows where. Note: There's no profanity. "Blue Lines" is a great production of ear pleasings unobtructed by the typical hype and over hype many of these musicians get. Get all of the Massive Attack CDs and enjoy their truly fresh and innovative style.
  • - Amazed In CaliforniaI have had psoriasis for almost 30 years and have suffered all the discomfort and humiliation this disease can cause. I have had dreadful reactions to all the prescription drugs, so the idea of a diet was so welcome. However, I didn't really think it would work. It has been five months,and I have made amazing progress, especially since it is winter. There have been flare ups when I have strayed from the diet or have been under unusual stress. However, I am about 65% clear and what remains is not rough and flaky. All of this improvement has been without any presciption drugs of any kind. The remaining affected areas are reddish or pink, but smooth and flexible. I am confident that the improvement will continue. There is hope for anyone with this affliction, but it does require patience........
  • G. Sham - Great Introductory Book to the LSAT!This book provides a straightforward look at the LSAT. The tips are useful and the content is easy to comprehend for people who are interested in entering law school. "LSAT for Dummies" succeeds in making the test seem less daunting and absolutely doable for future LSAT testers. I recommend this book as introductory material to the LSAT.