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  • Raymond Laubert - Quickbooks to the rescue...I have an embroidery and printed t-shirt business. I started out using Sage Peachtree as I had used it years ago for another small business. However, I couldn't get the program to provide the information I was looking for. After 6 months, I finally asked the accountant what to do, he said get Quickbooks. I purchased the latest version and within 2 hours had it installed, transferred ALL of my accounts, customers, products, sales, banking information EVERYTHING. I ran my desired reports and it all worked the first time.
  • D. Jones "Smoke em if you got em" - Fresh!I have had horrible digestion problems since I was 14. A wide variety of symptoms that I can't even beging to list. I tried everything. Only thing that a doctor could recommend was a parasite cleanse. It worked, but it never fully went away, and after not using the parasite cleanse for 2 days or longer it would be full on attack again. I got threelac after doing some research, and now i'm trying fivelac, hopefully this is more potent, and hits some of the spots of candida the threelac couldnt. Ordered it on monday night, shipped out by tuesday, it's thursday today and it was on my front porch.
  • New York Reader - Been through a bunch of vacuums and so far this is the bestI have a brand new vacuum (another popular brand) on my porch that is horrible. It's just sitting there. Bought this one a few weeks ago and so far, so good. It 'feels' better than others. ie. you can tell it's picking up dirt and it's easy to handle because it's fairly light weight. It's also one of the only vacuum cleaners that has a hose/tube attached in a good location so it's easy to use. So far, I'm really happy with it.

    Update: Bought this vacuum in the fall of 2011 and now it's June 2012 and I still love it! I like it so much that I bought a second one so I can have one on each floor of my house. It's fairly light weight, easy to use, easy to clean the dirt out, requires no replacement parts (belts or bags) and the hose is easy to use while you're cleaning. Love this product! The woman who cleans my husband's office actually has one too and she said it works great for her too. She uses it to clean an entire office building.