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  • Lightseeker - This is excellent reading. I gained courage to take control of negotiations instead of letting the other party take advantage.Where was this advice when needed it in the past? I have always had a tendency to be a doormat, or to let others take advantage of me, even when I thought I was in charge of my life. I used to suffer major guilt trips when I wanted to assert my own desires and wishes in making major life decisions, such as where to go to college, what subject to major in, how and when to clean my own house. I would seek constantly to please others, or end up going it alone and feeling isolated. Most recently I have been negotiating to refinance my mortgage and have had the chutzpah to apply to multiple lenders and truly compare offers all the way to the day I signed. I was able to talk myself out of feeling guilty for inconveniencing others, but learned through conversations with lenders with whom I did not make applications, and with other people in related industries, the ins and outs behinds the scenes. I had as much right to scrutinize, investigate and compare notes as the lenders; after all, they put me and my personal business under a microscope, so what goes around comes around.
  • Dave - The only thing that works for meI have terrible issues with excessive sweat which is a side effect of two medications I take. You must use it as per the instructions. For me personally I have to apply it consistently every 4 days. But it was getting to the point that I was dreading social situations, but this stuff really works. I'm the life of the party again. Yeehaaah!
  • T Wu "TW" - The best thing I've found for chronic, low-level GI problemsI used to have chronic, excessive gas with no clear reason--not even repeated visits to the GI doctors yielded any clues. They checked for H. pylori, uclers and other problems, but none surfaced. One doctor suggested at the end of a series of exasperating doctor visits that perhaps my intestinal flora was out of balance, and that I should try using align for a couple of months. I went out to the local Target and bought some, and 2 months later, I was different person--many of my previous issues with my GI system were now either non-existent or so minor that I forgot about them. I didn't see a need to continue probiotic therapy after those 2 months, and thankfully, the results were persistent. Now I recommend align to family and friends with GI issues, and many report positive results, too. Personally, I don't take align anymore, except after periods of doctor-prescribed antibiotic therapy for strep throat, sinusitis, etc. when my stomach/gut gets queasy because of the antibiotics--even then, 2-3 weeks of align 1 week after the antibiotic therapy stops usually gets my gut health back to where I want it to be.
  • SignalStream "SignalStream" - This is the Console to Get!!!I am so glad that I went with the PS4 - the thing I like about Sony, is that they listen to their gamers - and they deliver what we ask. The PS4 is an outstanding unit, and since receiving it look forward to using when back from work. The games that I have played so far are pretty good - Just got Assassin's Creed last night, so I have not had an opportunity yet to play it - but from what I hear/read, it's supposed to be pretty good. The controller ROCKS! It feels great in my hands. I noticed that my thumbs do not get as tired as with the Dual Shock 3. I like the built in speaker that the PS4 controller has Plus the headphone jack. I was about to plug in a keyboard so that I can type, but then realized that the camera, and light technology on the controller, allows one to point/aim at the letters needed to type, so typing is made easy. Getting into the playstation store and other applications/games is soooo much faster. The hardware looks great, and operates pretty quietly so far. I am looking forward to meeting new people over the social features that it has. I appreciate that Sony included a privacy configuration for your profile in that regard.

    My friends - Playstation has lived up to it's Hype!