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  • Garden girl - Stimulating readThis book made me think.
    Just like a lot of other reviewers, I have experienced the scenarios mentioned by the author. I would certainly be able to improve many aspects of my work place behaviour as well as thinking based on her point of view.
    Author has had financial backing that many women/men dont but that does not change what she explains about behaviour or culture. Even if you are not aiming to be COO of the next big thing in corporate world, this book will be helpful.
    For that matter, even for a women not trying to climb the corporate ladder, this book helps put in perspective a lot of aspects of working in male dominated world, and provides tips on dealing with it.

    Some critical reviews say that the author does not tell you how to start a business even though she has worked for many such sucessful start ups, which in my opinion is irrelevent in the context of this book. The concepts explains by this book are applicable to all women in any type of career. Even if you are a start up, you do need to overcome the gender bias, or the biased perseption. You also need to divide your time effectively between work and family. You do need to think about mentoring other women. All these points are still valid!

    If you are a working woman, in any field and at any post, I reccomend this book.
  • Ms. H. Cunningham "Smeg" - So far so good.I got the bottle in the mail a few days ago so I've only been trying the supplement for a couple of days, but so far it seems to be working.

    I'm a runner and I recently got an injury which put me out of action. Not only was I not exercising, but also turning to food in my boredom - I don't own any 'cover up' outfits, so I simply cannot allow myself to have a fat day. I've tried green tea pills before, but wasn't impressed with how they made me feel, and to be honest they put me off using supplements for this kind of thing. Anyway, after seeing a rather persuasive TV ad about the stuff, I thought I might as well try it.

    In the three days so far I've noticed I don't think about food when I'm bored. I guess it's doing something to my insides that means the hungry signals aren't being released. I mean, I still want my dinner at 6pm, but I feel a little more in control of what I eat. I'm drinking a normal amount still which is great, as I was concerned it might affect my thirst, and I'm not bloated.

    Hopefully this will be a nice alternative while my foot heals, although there is no real substitute for exercise!