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  • Enos One - For Cord-CuttersMy wife loves that we're just about ready to cut the cord - cable cord that is, but what she didn't love was switching between the PS3 and Apple TV to view streaming content. The Roku 3's simple interface was on the money and allowed her to customize her tv viewing experience as she saw fit and didn't have to use the PS3's controller to do so.
  • "mjbone" - Diagnosed with Crohn's 12/02 - Cured 1 year laterI want to start this letter off by thanking Elaine Gottschall who's book, "Breaking the Vicious Cycle", has brought my health back to a healthier state than before I even got Crohn's. To Lucy, conqueror of Colitis, and author of Lucy's SCD cookbook, for all her great recipes, including the coffee cake (my favorite)and all her great advise, oh, can't forget the many orders of almond flower you sent me. And of course, the love of my life Rachel, thank you so much for making all those SCD meals that allowed me to kill that crohn monster. You are my savior, and I love you sooo much;)
    Here's where my story begins: After receiving a colonoscopy a week before Christmas 2002, after continued stomach pain and severe diahrrea (about every 20 min at one point)...I was diagnosed with Crohn's involving 14in of my small intestine (near the ileum). The doc said it was a moderate and classic case of Crohn's. He said it looked like someone had scraped my insides with 80 grit sandpaper (ouch)!! (To those of you reading this right now, I have been where you are, thinking hopeless thoughts... "Why me!..My life is ruined!...etc." There is hope, there is a cure, no matter what the doctor, or anyone else, says... I am the well as sooooo many others who have followed, and I mean vigorously followed the SCD diet. The most important aspect of the diet is patience, patience, and more patience, and (no cheating)...
    After eight months on the diet, I felt that the Asacol and Pantasa were only hampering my progress and decided to taper off. (Caution) Don't cold turkey the meds! Ask someone in the medical field with help on developing a program to taper off the meds. ...Anyway, getting off the meds was a bit scary. This is the point at which the SCD is put to the true test. All of my doubts and scepticism about the diet were put to rest after being med-free for the first time in eight months. After three months med-free, I was a TRUE BELIEVER!!
    After five months med-free and feeling great, I decided to go see my GI. I told him I'd been med-free for 5 months with only one bowel movement, somtimes two, a day and no diarrea (maybe only 3x over the last year). He was shocked!! He said he's never seen anyone go into remission and stay there without maintenance drugs. Then he said, "Maybe you didn't have Crohn's after all... Maybe it was a virus or something else." I explained the diet to him and how serious I was about it, but I don't think he got the picture. Anyway, he ordered me another exam...a small bowel follow-through w/Barium (Yuck!). My thought before the exam was that the results would show improvements, but that I still had Crohn's.
    Well, after the 3 hour exam, my GI said, "Your intestines are perfectly normal...absolutely perfect...not one blemish." ..."YOU DON'T HAVE CROHN'S," he said!!! We were both shocked! To sum up this whole story is to say, "IT'S NOT A MIRACLE, IT'S THE SCD DIET!" Actually, there may just be a miricle to this story, her name is Elaine Gottschall .....