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  • BermudaJazz - The world's latest and best heating padI know what you are thinking how can a heating pad be the best heating pad in the world? Well, trust me this is an incredible heating pad for the following reasons.

    1. Excellent construction, tasteful color and completely washable.

    2. Perfect size that fits vertically along your spine which is great if you have back problems.

    3. Digital controller with micro adjustments between heat levels for the perfect heat setting that you require for your specific needs. No more too hot or not hot enough problems that exist on old fashion heating pads.

    I usually don't spend the time to review products however this is an exception.
  • Cyang - Most awesome product!!I bought this along with some raspberry ketones and this is by far the most amazing product I have ever tried. After giving birth to my first son I was having so much trouble losing weight and as well with my second the weight just kept packing on like crazy. I was a little skeptical of this like everyone else but so far I'm in love with the product!! I cannot believe how amazing this product is. I took one this morning an hour before breakfast, one an hour before lunch and lastly one an hour before dinner and so far I had to force myself to eat because this really suppressed my appetite. I feel great unlike other diet pills that made me shake and have me migraines. This product is like no other I have tried and I cannot wait to let you guys know how much weight I've lost by the end of the week.
  • fishmom - Absolutely love itDid I really not leave a review? I was too busy back then. Anyway, I believe I bought this when my son was 3 or 4 month old. (He is 1.5 year now so he's not using it anymore) He absolutely loved it!! He liked to kick the keyboard and pull the toys. When he started to sit up, This actually helped him to sit I think. I stored it away after he started crawling or too mobile to lie there. I still keep it in case we want 2nd baby. :)
  • Online Igloo - The Classic Garden 7 Pod with Gourmet Herb AeroGardenI bought the AeroGarden in hopes of starting my own indoor garden since I live in a highrise apartment and off the ground. I also get the morning sun so growing plants on my balcony is hard to do. I searched the internet in hopes of a indoor garden for myself and I came accross they had on their site the AeroGarden. I purchased the AeroGarden and within a few days it arrived and wow!! I'm still impressed with it I put it together the same day I got it wich was March 31/11. within the first 5 days I saw seedlings. On April 22/11 I transplanted my plants into a flower pots. I will purchase another 7 pod black AeroGarden again soon. I had a bit of a problem with setting the timer other than that it was eay to assemble. I highly recommend the AeroGarden to anyone who wants to start their own indoor Garden. The AeroGarden is the right thing to own it's the size of a meduim sized plant and it sits on a end table. I bought the Gourmet Herb seeds and I found that the Dill and Mint took the longest to grow but they did come through ok and now they are bigger then the other plants. I'm so happy that I got this AeroGarden it's the best investment I had ever made.
  • piginspandex "Kristina" - Fantastic Product, Even Better Customer Service!So...I had written a review a few months ago complaining that the stroller was amazing while it lasted but that it gave out after a few months. I finally got around to calling Uppababy and I could not be more impressed or amazed at their customer service. For one thing, somebody picked up IMMEDIATELY (how great to talk to a human and not have to go through a maze of "Press 1 for blah, Press 4 for blah") and the lady, Julie, was incredibly helpful. It turns out mine had been from a small batch of strollers that had a defective latch and that, since I had been stupid and forgotten to register it, they weren't able to inform me of it. They are sending me a brand new stroller (without a defective latch this time!), and I couldn't be more delighted because when I had it and it worked it was the lightest, easiest, most maneuverable stroller I have ever owned, and I was crushed when it broke.

    So bottom line, don't even think about trying to save a few bucks. Not only is this the best stroller I've ever used but the customer service is unbeatable. Worth every penny.