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  • SANDRA D BERKLEY - Easy to use, an improvement on older versionsI owned an older version (2000). When I moved to Windows 7, I bought the latest version of Quicken Home and Business. This one is much less complicated than the other one. I have everything on 1 page to start with. I can switch from one account to the next with one click.

    I also enjoy the categorizing of each expense. Broader choices also means better record keeping.

    Anyway, I love the product. Would recommend it to my friends and family.
  • John Green "Darkwriter" - Still The OneI'm a long time fan of this software line. This latest version has a wide range of features and tweaks that other programs don't, and while there are still a couple of minor features I'd like to see included, in three years of steady use I've never had a real complaint with Trend Micro's software.

    This package also includes a disc for Mac users, so everyone can join the fun. Installation is quicker than most other programs and it updates automatically, so almost as soon as you've installed you're rolling. It operates in the background like it should, but depending upon your settings and browsing habits you may get constant popups informing you of protected info being phished for.

    All the Trend Micro standards are included here: Customized Data Theft Prevention (you can have it protect any info you like- not just email and credit cards), Secure Erase, Parental Controls, A/V, Anti-Spyware & Anti-Spam, etc, Vault for protection your most important data.

    New features include: Social Network Protection- which scans your TwitFaceSpace pages for spam & malware; Smartphone & Tablet Protection- linked security for your portable devices; SafeSync- offering up to 10gb backup; Fake A/V Cleaner- eliminates malware posing as a/v software. I don't play computer games so I can't speak to the performance tweaks in that regard.

    This is an excellent addition to an already long line of standout products. TM makes for one of the safest, most secure browsing experiences you'll have, and I'd expect nothing less from it.
  • frenchgirl - changed my hair for the better!I'd stalked this product on Youtube and Amazon before deciding to buy it, but I'm so glad I did! My hair is longer, coarse, medium-thick, and wavy...and very dry. The last year it's taken a beating from bleaching it regularly and flat-ironing it daily, and I was convinced I'd have to cut off at least 3 inches (I could hear the hair crunching when I touched the ends..yikes). However, using WEN has completely changed this. I know you can't get rid of split ends, but I swear I see a huge difference. My hair isn't crunching at all, it's so shiny that I've wondered if it's greasy (it's not), and it makes that beautiful swishing noise that you can only get post-salon blowout. My hair has been coarse my whole life, and I have never felt it so soft. Because my hair is dry, I don't wash it more than 2/3 times a week as is, and I haven't noticed a difference in this either. My ONLY complaint is that you do need a lot of product. Per someone's recommendation, I use a splash of water after applying it to the scalp and then rub it in, comb it out, and let it sit. I think the little bit of water and comb really help cut down on how much product you use (I myself have been using about 6 pumps for my scalp and 2 to 4 for the rest of my hair). I've only used it twice, but I can see how much product is gone... then again, if it's replacing my shampoo/conditioner/deep conditioner, AND it makes my hair feel better than all of those products combined, I think I'll keep buying it. Embarrassing to say I fell so hard for a QVC product, but it seriously works!
  • Kid Prometheus "The Lad from Hades" - reviewing based on what my mother said of it.gave my mom this thing for her b-day/mother's day(same day for her) haven't persoanally seen hers. She said it was more than what she saw online and so impressive she offered it to be a pres for both her and Dad. I have tasted some of the things she grew in it. It makes for a wonderful low maintainence indor plant grower for those of us who have would like to improve the atmosphere indoors yet do not like ot open window to give plants sun for reason of noisy(and nosey/ loitering) nieghbors. I will be getting one of thse for myself soon. Great for houses with gas furnaces that are in the den.(that stink and suck air.).