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  • Maggie L Barr - Will change your whole view on what and how you eat!This was an amazing book and an amazing diet. I don't even want to say diet, more like a whole lifestyle change, and I feel great ever since!! I did the initial 28 days and lost about 12 pounds (I didn't have a ton of weight to lose, so I was surprised I lost that much!) Even though the initial 28 days are over and have been for awhile, I've still adapted my eating habits to somewhat follow the Fast Metabolism Diet, like making sure I eat breakfast everyday and within 30 minutes of waking and eating every few hours. I plan on doing the diet for a couple weeks every few months to keep my metabolism in check. If you're hesitant about trying it, don't be! Even if you just read the book It will change your whole view on things, and that alone will make you want to try it out!
  • Theresa A. Campbell "Memaw" - It works!For two years I have been trying "to get things in order." Prescription drugs. special diets. other probiotics- nothing worked, and my life was miserable. I heard about "Align" and thought I would try it. If this last resort did not work, then I was resigned to my fate. I am happy to report that after one week, things started to improve. Now, three weeks later, for the first time in two years, my life is back to normal. As both a consumer and a registered nurse, I would highly recommend "Align."