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  • Zimrah - Sad that liberals and atheists feel so driven to trash a patriotic American.In Austin, Texas, during this last legislative session, a law was passed protecting the rights of people to say "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Hannukah". That such a law is needed speaks volumes of where our culture has made a wrong turn. So yes, I applaud Gov. Palin for again speaking words of truth. It's just too bad that the Left is so afraid of Gov. Palin that they can't just leave her be. Whatever happened to freedom of speech...or freedom of anything?

    Love this book. Takes courage to speak the truth in America any more.'s the new "hate speech".
  • Susan M wagner - Buy this for a great Christmas gift!I finally decided to try a tablet and what a great one this is. I had used a friends ipod mini and this rates right up there with it. I have already downloaded some books from amazon and it amazing how easy it was. I have only had it a few days and have found it pretty easy to navigate. I didn't get a manual for this so I have learned alot from just playing around with it. Amazon has a Website that explains some of it's features, like how to plug in and turn on. It is slim and very light weight, easy to put in your purse and great to have when wating for appointments or traveling.
  • Martine Sinkondo - Back to BasicI endorse Miss Gokhale 120%.I'm from Burkina Faso(BF), and the pictures in her book are exactly how people sit, stand, walk ,sleep...I used to have the same great postures ten years ago before I came to California.When my friend showed me "8 STEPS to a PAIN-FREE BACK" ,I had my Aha moment.I ordered the book the same night,and signed up for the free introductory class.It was a great pleasure to meet with her.Not only the teaching was great, but her own posture spoke louder than her words.All I was thinking, was wanting to look like her as soon as possible.At the end of the class ,I thank her from bringing me Back to Basic.
    I have been suffering from chronic back,neck, knees, you name it.I have been seeing a chiropractor over 2 years now.She was great.My pain always went away for about a week or two, then it was like I have never received a treatment.Not even once I thought about something was wrong about my posture.When I started to read Esther's book , everything made sense.I have forgotten about my natural posture.What struck me the most was the fact that I haven't done hip hinging for 8 years.I used to do hip hinging to do dishes, laundry, cleaning,gardening, gathering...
    Now it is obvious to me why I never had any neck pain or back pain before I moved to the USA.Anyway,the book is simple to read with the help of great illustrations.I know what type present to give my friends with complains of pain for Christmas and B-days:"8 STEPS to a PAIN-FREE BACK".Be free at last.
  • J. Scott Elder "JSElder" - Great Product At A Great ValueSoftware arrived quickly, and in good condition. Did not actually install from the CD as I already used Norton Internet Security and had updated the software to 2012 version on my previous license. So, I basically bought it for the key to provide another 365 days of protection. Key installed perfectly, and Im protected for another 365 days.