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  • R. Carroll "Author/Artist" - Keeps Getting Better, But...I've been using QuickBooks since 1995 and there is no doubt about it, it's a great product. However, there are some things that still annoy me. For example, I wish that I could re-memorize invoices so that they would "overwrite" the last invoice without creating a new memorized version. If there is a way to do this, I don't know what it is. Advice?

    I don't like how the registers kind of jump around at times. I'll be entering information, when all of a sudden the register jumps and I have to scroll down to find the line I was working on. I don't know if this is a problem with the program or something to do with my own equipment. (I did just purchase a new wireless mouse)

    However, there are many other things that I absolutely love about this new version! I love the invoice, receipt, and payment windows and that they show all the previous entries to the left. I also love that you can search each of these windows so easily. I like the new reconciliation window as well.

    I have never taken any bookkeeping or accounting classes, yet I've been able to manage my small business for many years. At the end of the year, I just turn my file over to my tax man and he does the rest. Fantastic!
  • Kristine D. Drumm "kristinre D Drumm" - InvaluableThis Book is invaluable for any medical trips or missions to the bush in America or any third world countries. Very practical and self explaining even for non medical folks.
  • Kenneth S. Nelson - K2 Photon Skis- just back from Alta, Park City and Deer ValleySome background first: I am 61 years old, height 6'1" and weight 175 lbs. I ski all terrain, typically about 40% cruising, 30% moguls and 30% woods (about 10% double diamonds, 60% diamonds and 30% intermediate). I would rate myself an Advanced skier. I wanted a ski that would not be too stiff, yet would perform when I wanted to pick up the speed. I also wanted a ski that would work well in the moguls and that could handle the deeper snow in the woods. The last three years I have used mostly 123 cm ski boards because of my love of moguls and getting off trail in dense trees. The ease of turning, with my aging knees, was my motivation. However, I tired of the lack of control at higher speeds and hard packed snow and this year after one day at Park City, decided to try something new. Some quick online research led me to the K2 Photon.

    I went to a major sports retailer in Park City and described what I was looking for without suggesting a ski. The sales person immediately pointed me to the K2 Photon. I went with a short 156 cm length as a gamble to still be able to do quick turns in the woods.

    After 5 days of skiing on the Photons, one at Alta, one at Park City and three at Deer Valley, my review is that the skis and binding package performed as advertised. I was surprised at how very well they performed in moguls, having been spoiled by very short skis in moguls. Also, the tight turns in the woods were almost as easy as my ski boards. For faster skiing the stability and edge control were pretty good. Nice carving turns. If you tend to higher speed skiing I would go with longer length Photons. No opportunity to ski in fresh powder, but based on some deeper snow in the woods I would guess that they will be ok in powder. I think these skis would also work for a strong intermediate skier.

    For those of you familiar with the three ski areas mentioned, here is a list of a few of the trails I skied with the Photons:
    Alta- Mambo, Sunspot, Glory Gulch, No. 9 Express, Sleepy Hollow, Sugar Hollow, Cabin Hill, Supreme Access. (mostly soft packed, limited moguls)
    Park City- Jupiter bowl, Thaynes, The Hoist, Double Jack, Dynamite, Prospector, Single Jack, Glory Hole, Cresent, Silver Skis, Mid-Mountain Meadows, Sunrise, Vista, Silver Star(hard packed, woods with heavy snow, lots of moguls)
    Deer Valley- Conviction, Centennial, Magnet, Sidewinder, Square Deal, Three Ply, Silver Buck, Wizard, Sunset Glade, Blue Ledge, Perseverance, Ruins of Pompeii, Big Stick, Dew Drop (good mixture of hard packed, glades and moguls)
  • Mariana Dimitrov - disgusted with AmazonI am a regular Amazon customer. I was about to place an order when i stumbled on this. I can't believe that Amazon allows somebody to be bullied here. This whole trial is turning into a circus and HLN and Nancy Grace are doing it again !!!
    Shame on you Amazon !!!
    I will not order a thing from you until you remove all this garbage from here !!!
  • Patrick Wenzlaff - I love my fry pan.Cooking with this ogreenic pan is awesome. I love it. I make stir frys with it and add maybe a little water, and terayaki sauce. If I turn the heat too high, yes it will burn. Add water and it comes off and reconstitutes back into the stir fry. Cook smart with it. Too much heat = burnt food in any pan. And clean up is so nice...cleans right up in hot soapy water. Remember...dont' use metal on it:)