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  • Miss Fit - When treating Arthritis

    Hello, I just started my H2O2 therapy and am looking forward to it. I have no specific diagnosis - yet I know that my body is acidic (possibly to the point of candida). I smoke and do love beer. Generally, I am experiencing a slow down of my mental capacities, and my skin is quite stresses ad well. Aside from that, I wanted to address the importance of adding therapeutic movement to anyone suffering from 'arthur'. It is critical to your condition. I am a Posture Alignment Specialist, certified by Egosue University. I strongly encourage ANYONE and EVERYONE to get started in The Egoscue Method ( It is simple, and the results are astounding. It is the Owner's Manual for the human form. This technique treats the body as a unit, which it is. By returning your body to its proper alignment and restoring normal joint function, you can and will positively impact your pain. Best of luck in your journey to health. You are not alone.

  • Jason L. Maynard - must have for IBS

    This is the second time I have ordered this book. I have Crohn's and I strongly believe that following the diet in this book has kept me off of prescription medication. Anyone who has any form of IBS should follow this to a T.

  • Natasha - Best stroller

    I researched lots of different strollers. I had a sit and stand stroller for a long time but my older two kids are old enough to walk and I needed something more compact and better for a baby. I love this stroller, I can't say enough positive things about it. I love that it glides so smoothly and that it lays almost flat. My baby loves this stroller and is always smiling and giggling when we go for rides. I noticed that some reviewers complained about the teeny storage basket and that there are no cup holders. I was worried about my diaper bag fitting under the stroller but it does. And I just bought the britax storage container with cup holders that strap nicely to the stroller. This stroller is also beautiful.