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Country: Europe, PL, Poland

  • Ramona - Great Little Coffee MakerThis was purchased as a gift for my brother and his wife. I had previously purchased one for myself from a thrift shop and absolutely love it. Since it makes both cocoa and coffee, I thought it was an ideal gift for my brother and his love of coffee and my sil and her love of hot chocolate. It's a great little machine.
  • Ivy Robinson - great productevery diet pill or anything saying diet made me sick and raised my blood pressure and heart rate. This product didnt in fact my pressure and my cholesterol went down. I dont eat as much and my cravings are very little. I do crave more sweets some days then there are days I have to make myself eat. Others made me a little lite headed but not this. I plan on ordering another bottle. I only take 6 a day 2 before each meal. I have lost about 3 inches in 2 weeks and about 7lbs.
  • dakinibean "dakinibean" - Keeping on keeping onI had intended to get some binders full of women to help organize my health-care system, which was in shambles, and a source of embarrassment and inefficiency. At the end of the day, we ended up with a mixed bunch of people, some of whom were better at organizing than others. 47% got together and arranged for things like food, which they felt they needed. A very, very, very small percentage, lets call them "entitled", developed this annoying habit of taking credit for work done by the team, didn't like some of the rules, and went all "Lord of the Flies" on everybody, causing tumult, tumult, and more tumult. A lot of the group got frustrated by what they viewed as selfishness and a disregard for others, and kind of wrote them off as liars who were only out for themselves, and valued profit over all other group values. We're hoping to work past that in our organization, since inclusivity is kind of our thing. It has been a little tough recently, but we'll pull through.
  • Marika - Wonderful productI believe no matter what product you look up you'll never find a product everyone loves.
    I LOVE this face moisturizer. It's light and the smell doesn't bother me at all unlike some other reviewers.
    I like that it's lightweight and non greasy.
    My skin felt so soft after I put it on.
    I look forward to the long term effects on my skin.
  • H. N. Dohe - Happy Trails with your GarminThis is my 2nd Garmin GPS. I love these. I don't know how many traffic jams my old GPS got me out of. Plus those days of having to read a map to find where you're going, and remembering all the turns and exits are gone. Well, pretty much. On a recent trip my Garmin came in handy in finding places to eat in the area. My only complaint is- being a little hard of hearing, on one setting it was hard to hear the woman's voice with the road noise outside the car. Even turned up all the way, and then it got a bit "tinny". However, using female voice #2 was much better.