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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • S. Barry - Great vacuumThis vacuum has great suction, lots of very usable attachments, great design. The battery life is easily within expectations for a portable. No complaints. The best portable vacuum we have owned. In the past we have had Oreck, Black & Decker, Ryobi. This one beats them all. Of course it is also the most expensive. Would buy again.
  • T. Voost - Perfecting...Over all, The Asus TF201 is one T-Totally awesome device. When docked into station, WOW, talk about a whole new experience, easy to operate. Great cameras, powerful bright screen and wonderful performance. Features...It has them and lots. Oh, yeah it's sexy. Favorite of the past 2 other tablets i have previously owned, no doubt. To have it supportive of a few personally important applications, would be terrific. Sad to mention, but my ONE detected aggravating issue....The Micro HDMI cord wont stay properly intact, really T's me off having these slightly angled sides, allowing cord to just fall right out...Black electrical tape solves the trick but not the answer. Over all, The Asus TF201 is one T-Totally awesome device.
  • Mike Jefferson - A timeless masterpiece on par with the best classical musicThere are no better records in rock history. There may be some that are as good, but they are few.

    Some people who think the record is just about "teen angst" are the same ones who only listen to Kansas, Bob Dylan or Eric Clapton. The Floyd were oh so much more than that. They were flying on all cylinders. They were colorful, uplifting, depressing, sneaky, powerful, and just plain brilliant.

    And I had to respond to this comment by another reviewer:

    "I give the rest of the band due credit for making a skeleton of great music that withstands the extreme burden of Water's ego which alone is far more than any rock enthusiast or band should stand for. Gilmour, Wright, and Mason did an excellent job, and the fact that the backing music is great (and that ALL of Water's music in his solo work [lyrics not considered] is garbage) truly shows that Gilmour was the mastermind behind Floyd's sound more than Waters ever was or ever could be; "

    This reviewer fails ot understand that Water wrote almost all the music for the Wall. He wrote Nobody Home (piano part and all) in one night. Wright was ousted from the band because he wasn't contributing. The truth is, while Waters was an egomaniac, the others had become lazy and had stopped really contributing to the band. This is well documented. So the problem was not just Waters, but the other band members as well. They wanted to race Ferraris instead of working on records.
  • R. Patrick Baugh - Head and shoulders above the rest.Halperin and Heilemann are the true heirs to great political writers like White, Kramer, and Witcover & Germond. This is a much better book than the other 2 that came out earlier this year. If you're going to buy one book to read about what really happened during the 2012 election, this is it.
  • Razvan - Very good quality for the priceI bought this to upgrade my new notebook, Lenvo Edge E431. It was very easy to install it.
    Before buying it, I checked on the website to see which ssd could be compatible.
    I did some tests, and the speeds are 3-4 times bigger than the ones of the hdd (500GB, 7200rpm, SATA3). My notebook boots in Win8 Pro in under 10 seconds (average 5-7 seconds).