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  • Stacie Storm - Slick ChickI bought this a couple of weeks ago and saw the thing about the bulb, I thought of a cleaver way to reset the system so you get full use of your new bulb. Unplug the bulb before you ever turn it on then turn it on and an alarm will sound. Turn it back off put the bulb back in and turn it back on.. I did that and have used my bulb like crazy and have not had one failure.. woo hoo!! the hair looks like its going away but I have only used it twice so ill have to wait and report later..xoxo
  • Amanda - I'm happy!Bought these a little while ago. Was worried I wouldn't be able to swallow the pills but it was no problem.

    They seemed to help curb my appetite as promised. I've lost weight but can't be sure it was all down to these pills but they seemed to help and I've lost weight so I've got to be happy.

    I'd be happy to order again if I pile on the pounds - although I hope I stay as I am!
  • Architech - UncomparableI am a registered architect, have been using AutoCAD almost every day for the last 17 years, and have been training AutoCAD as an Autodesk Certified Instructor for the last 12 years. I have seen a lot of training manuals come and go through the years, and without a doubt, this is the best for beginning AutoCAD users.
  • K. Ott "Word!" - Top secret publication that was leaked!So I was at the Doctor's office and found this in his magazine pile. As I was sifting through the pages, the sun fell through the window and certain areas of the text were illuminated. My eyes opened in amazement as very clearly before me the One World Government invasion plan for North America was revealed. I took the book home and tinkered with light, shadow, and cut-out overlays. I found the truth behind the JFK assination, the real DaVinci code, the location of the Arc AND Holy Grail, and compelling proof that Big Foot exists. Christ! No wonder this book is like $90.00. It's a good thing I stole mine from my doctor's office.

    Pros: Apocalypse plan layed out with such great detail it's easy for a beginner to understand, truth to the JFK assination releaved.

    Cons: This book is heavy and moves a little slow in some spots.
  • Twoboxer - Priceless Practical ProtectionWe've been using two of these for almost a year now. The bottom line is if you want to be able to find your pet after it has gotten loose, this is a terrific product.

    We've tried various radio tracking devices on our Siberian Huskies over the last 30 years or so. Battery life and cost was awful; old fashioned direction finders difficult to use and inaccurate, etc.

    Tagg's combo of low-power radio contact when in range of the base unit combined with GPS tracking when outside the "safe" area gives long battery life and makes this a practical safety device. Other reviews have talked about features, so instead I'll tell the story of one of our two successful "Husky Hunts".

    We live in a heavily wooded, hilly, nearly rural area. The 4-month old female figured out how to open the lever-handled side door, and the one year old male left right behind her. We discovered the escape about an hour later. Normally we'd have been in a panic, two of us driving in different directions, staring into the woods, and yelling call names.

    But the computer showed us where they were, and the track they took to get there. We drove out to where they were (almost two miles away from our home) and attempted to get a tracking update on our Kindle Fire. Unfortunately, AT&T's coverage in that area is . . . not reliable. So I went back to the house while the wife stationed herself where it looked like the dogs would "emerge".

    The computer showed me that the male was actually back in the "safe zone", ie, near the house. Since Huskies are not known for coming home . . . at least not so soon . . . the %$#^ system had to be broken! I nevertheless decided to go to the side of the house he was supposedly on. Called his name . . . and he streaked right past me . . . and waited at the side door of our house. One down, one to go.

    Called the wife, and told her to stay where she was . . . the female was close by. She started walking past a house or two, calling the dog's name . . . and someone shouted back "She's over here". A couple of photos and dog treats, and the hunt was over. Less than one hour of concern, and never the agony of all the Husky Hunts before.

    Even though the dogs were "lost", we knew where they were. I can't say how much that feeling is worth to you . . . but to me it's priceless.


    - Young dogs can and will chew them. We had to replace one.

    - They are at least water resistant and certainly survive a few minutes swimming. However, salt water will corrode contacts and clips if not properly cared for after an ocean dip.

    - The devices are designed about as well as can be done to stay attached to dogs. However, it is possible for a dog playing to remove the Tagg from the other dog. (The system will make finding it relatively easy.) It is also remotely possible for one dog to actually turn another dog's collar off (a 3-second button press is required . . . yes, a Husky can do that.) These things are rare, and do not render the devices "unreliable".

    - We now have a "smartphone" with a telco that covers our area very well, and use the Tagg app. It works *very* well.

    If you are concerned about finding lost pets . . . at this point in technology this is the device for you.