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  • Renita Isaac - Quickest and the Best JuicerThe Nutri Bullet System is by far the best juicer/blender/smoothie maker out there. I have a juicer and a blender and the clean up is tedious. I love how I can wash and cut up my fruit and vegetables add a booster and some water and its done in 1 to 2 minutes. I place on the lid and I'm out the door. Nothing to clean up. Love it.
  • Holly - It Works!I have fought chronic yeast infections for years and suspect I have intestinal yeast overgrowth. I have tried everything: caprylic acid, herbs, essential oils, probiotics, anti-candida diets, etc. The problem is I can never stick to any regime long enough for it to work. If I am not consistent or go away for a weekend, the yeast problems come back. Two years ago I was diagnosed via a blood test with food allergies to gluten and casein; I believe the yeast caused these allergies via leaky gut syndrome. I saw Threelac advertised a couple years ago but thought it was just another expensive, too good to be true "pill." Recently in desperation I googled a bunch of stuff about Fivelac and thought, well, what do I have to lose (other than $50?). My box arrived two weeks ago and I started right away with a therapeutic dose of two packets a day. I did not notice any "die off" effect, but I am taking psyllium fiber every day and drink 8-10 glasses of water so I think I must be flushing it out. The good news is, it's working, albeit slowly. I can tell my yeast is less, and this while I have been NOT so good on my diet. I drink coffee in the morning, wine with dinner at night, and although I try to avoid gluten and casein and sugar, I don't always succeed. Also at the same time I started this I discontinued all other herbal supplements, probiotics etc. to see if this alone would work. Time will tell, I plan to continue two packets a day indefinitely. What I love is it's so easy to take, it's NOT a pill, and tastes pleasant. I am about to go on a 10 day vacation and I will definitely pack these and take them with me. This is the first thing I have tried that is so easy to take that I haven't missed or forgotten to take a single dose. That alone may increase its effectiveness over any other "regime." I hate taking pills and having to remember to take stuff on an empty stomach. I just hope it keeps working!