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  • tastefullydeclined - Watch out ladies!Wore this shirt to Wal-Mart. The girls were all over me. It's the wolves howling at the moon... drives the ladies wild.

    - Attracts woman
    - 3 Wolves
    - moon

    None really

    More wolves, perhaps on 'the guns'
    Glow in the dark moon would be pretty cool
  • Lori Angelica Gibson "=^..^=" - I feel "normal" again.I've had IBS-A for years, but it developed gradually so I didn't take it seriously until it severely impacted my life. Fear of colonoscopy kept me from seeing a doctor and therefore suffering longer than necessary which was silly, because when I finally saw a doctor he immediately diagnosed IBS - no colonoscopy required.

    My doctor suggested a gradual approach & recommended I start with fiber supplements (Citrucel to be exact) and a medication to help with sudden flare-ups. When that didn't provide nearly as much relief as I had hoped for he said it might be as good as it gets, so I asked about other possible treatments he had mentioned during my initial consultation and only then did he recommend Align, siting it over other brands because of its ingredients.

    Taking Align sporadically doesn't work. I know, because it took me three weeks to get through a week's worth of capsules. However, after taking it faithfully for two weeks as prescribed it is working wonders! I feel 97% like a normal person and I hope symptoms continue to improve with continued use.

    BTW, yogurt didn't work for me. Per my doctor, yogurt doesn't contain the same beneficial bacteria as Align.
  • Earl B. Bingham - Multiple Games in OneI have played a number of other games and this game is really interesting. Starting out it is an interesting experience to have your little bacteria grow into a real animal and evolve. Then in second stage the game is kind of like World of Warcraft with your interactions with other creatures, etc.

    The next level the game because more real time strategy with your ability to move your tribe around the territory and fight other creatures.

    I have only gotten to the 3rd level, but already I see it as an encridible game. Even though I haven't gotten to higher levels.
  • Gregory Roberts - Great Deal4TB for the price I got it ($120) was a steal. After dealing with WD the Seagate Backup Plus was a breath of fresh air.
    USB 3.0
    4TB!! (roughly 3.7 usuable)
    Software( The software was acutally very easy to use and actually helpful. Easy to setup backup schedules, I used a continuous one for awhile but figured it wasn't neccessary. Switched to backup different folders and files at different intervals.
    Power save Mode (set the amount of time 3,5,10)

    Need dedicated power through outlet

    Overall this product is great! I would recommend this to anyone!