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  • Elizabeth - Fits our family perfectlyI bought the britax b-agile after some serious consideration with a bob jogger because my 40lb nearly three year old and very tall daughter still likes to hitch a ride every now and then and I'm due to have our second in about three weeks. I needed something that could accommodate our britax b safe carseat as well as my sturdy preschooler. I haven't had the opportunity to use it WITH my new baby as of yet but clicking his carseat in is super simple even with the child tray in the other seat. My daughter loves to just sit on her side and relax so I assume it must be pretty comfy in there. It fits easily through a standard doorway and I find the storage to be perfectly fine. If you are in need of extra storage I suggest buying the extras, I just personally don't carry too much around with my strollers other than my kid.
  • J. Chung - The only book of its kind!I used this book when I volunteered at hospitals in Kenya and Papua New Guinea. While it is not a medical textbook, it is indispensable for the village healer. I don't understand the reviewers who gave this book one star just because they misunderstood the purpose of the book. The cover clearly states "Village" handbook. If you are looking for a family first aid book, this obviously won't do the job. If you are looking for a medical book to help you treat third-world villagers, there is no better book. At the hospital I worked at, there was a library of many health care books made for the third world, but there was nothing that compared to this book. The other books were more like watered down medical textbooks, trying to explain modern medicine for the under-educated. This book is full of common sense treatments that can be used by anyone, such as how to make your own oral rehydration fluid for dehydrated children (homemade Pedialyte for a fraction of the cost), how to tell the difference between marasmus and kwashiorkor, how to diagnose the different types of malaria, etc. I'm a doctor, and I still find information in this book that I can't find in the big text books. For the Third World, this book will always remain important and relevant.
  • Spanky - Excellent Paintball video camera!!!!!So I have been using Tachyon Cameras for over 3 years now and the Micro is one of my favorite to use. Because of the size of the camera it is easily mountable on a paintball mask and now they just released an awesome GUNCAM mount that mounts on a Picatinny Rail. No one else offers this option for a video camera! Just awesome quality and customer service! Give tachyon a try you won't be disappointed.