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  • Dale R. Shank - Best Tax Software aroundBeing a former Enrolled Agent with IRS, and having worked several years preparing income taxes for individuals, small business and corporations, I must say that H &R Block's home tax prep software is the best. I have used it for years to do my own taxes, and find it is simple and easy to use, and very reliable.
  • Book Addict "Book Addict" - Only makeup that doesn't aggravate my rosaceaI've been using this for years and it's the only kind of makeup I can wear. It's drying though, so be sure to use moisturizer (I use the very cheap Cerave from the drug store, it doesn't irritate me).
  • Helen H - WONDERFUL WAY TO EATI DID LOSE THE 20 LBS. in 28 days, CONTINUING TO EAT FOLLOWING the diet to get to my goal.
    Learned a lot about foods and what to avoid. No being hungry...must eat the 2 snacks as indicated.
    My husband lost 16 lbs (didn't need the weight loss)...but he did the diet to lower his sugar intake and his PSA dropped.
  • JalapenoJames - No more presidential popularity contests, PLEASE!One of the biggest problems with voters today is that they are voting for the appearance of the people running, rather than their policies, being more concerned with how a candidate's hair is combed than whether or not their plans for our country are on track to move us onward and upward. After reading this book, it is now ESPECIALLY appalling to me that anyone could vote for Obama in 2012. This is not an issue of Democrat or Republican. People need to open their eyes and see that Obama is AGAINST America - our country, our home, the land that we love - and vote accordingly. This book has helped me talk to my friends about the ISSUES they are concerned with, as opposed to "Best Smile of 2012: Romney vs. Obama - who will you be voting for?!" I've shared this book with my friends and strangers alike, and I suggest you read it too!
  • Glenn "GG" - Favorite Pink Floyd's Recording- Division BellThis is definitely my favorite Floyd's set of recordings. A more mature theme, lyrics, and music makes this a must listen too. The ultra sexy "Wearing the Inside out"and one of my favorite songs of all time from Floyd "High Hopes". All through out this recording the rest of the songs are splendid with deep rich sounds and melodies that will get you hooked. Brilliant !!