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  • Katie Beth - Be your best self and GET THE GUYThis book is AMAZING. It truly contains life-changing advice! I have long known that I am worth the effort, and that I shouldn't settle. Now I know how to communicate to guys that I am smart, sexy, classy, and a bit of a challenge in the best way. It has been so exciting and refreshing to see my lifelong mindset change from 'how to get this guy to like me' to 'this guy is cool, but is he good enough for me? Because I am pretty incredible.' I am only 21, but I have never had a serious relationship. I have dated guys in high school and college, but it has never turned into something passionate and worth taking further. I only read this book a couple of days ago, but I can already feel my life changing. I smile more as I pass people; I am genuine and excited to speak to people; I carry myself with more pride because I view myself differently.

    Matt has a ton a real-world practical advice in the book. As you read, there tips that you can put to use right away in your life seem the most exciting. As you go about your life after finishing the book, it may not be the little details that make the most impact. It may just be the idea of who you are that Matt develops (lovely, valuable, worth it), that is worth the most. Once you see yourself as a high-value woman with charisma and charm and beauty and excitement, others will too!! This isn't about changing who you are, it's about changing little habits that will bring out the best in you for everyone to see!

    Also, MATTHEW HUSSEY IS SO HOT. The videos where he speaking to you are the best. That smile, that accent... SWOON.
  • ValtheRed - Husband loves it!I purchase all the tech at my house. When my husband wanted an IPad, I told him no, this was much better than the IPad 2 in my opinion. This tablet is so clear and has a better battery life, CPU, and more storage than the IPad 2. Even the new IPad 3 is not as good as this one, to me. I cannot be happier with how games, email, and note-taking are so easy for my husband to do on this tablet. It is really great to find a product which is less expensive and better than a similar product. This tablet allows my husband to leave his heavy graphics-intensive ASUS computer at home on days when he doesn't need it, but still be able to access the Internet and do work, research, and play games! I am even thinking about purchasing one of these for my teenage son, that's how much I like this tablet!
  • Erin V. - How do you change get to got?By reading this book. Hussey is absolutely infectious! You can't help but feel his desire for your success in every way on every page. This book isn't just about how to get a guy; it's about how to get a life that you want to wake up to every morning. Hussey puts into words so eloquently ideas that I've tried to explain to so many of my girlfriends but somehow just couldn't quite get across. So instead I'm now telling them to pick up this book and read it cover to cover. And you know what? They are! This book is definitely a game changer.