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  • B. Harding - The packaging will fool youThis immediately helped my problem. However, the packaging makes you think you're getting a fat bottle (or two). One side of the box is completly empty. Wonder why? Inside the big box is a tall bottle that contains 30 capsules which would easily fit in a 1" tall bottle. Who's trying to fool whom? I think I'll check out probiotics at the health food store.
  • Diane L. O'Leary - Great little bookI obtained the 2010 pocket drug guide and have used it continuously while at work. It was wonderful information, consise and always at hand in my scrub pocket. I have already preordered the 2014 book and am looking forward to using it. I recommend this to any nurse who wishes to be sure of her meds and doesn't have time to run to the "big" pdr and find out what she needs to know immediately.
  • LadyJane - He tells the absolutely truthHe is telling the secrets of men. And he is totally sincere in everything he says. He mentions things that had worked for me in the past and I'm implementing all his new advice in the present.

    Key topics: sexual validation, fun, connection, emmotional bond... and you will learn how to not only be a woman of HIGH VALUE but to show it!
    I totally recommend the purchase and to follow his advice...
  • P. Dolan - Great book. Practical advice based on science.Finally finished reading this book and I felt that it was a great primer on taking care of a new baby. My wife is due in a couple of months so I needed to get a crash course on this stuff! You're definitely not going to remember everything that's in there but having read it through once I can quickly recall where the information is and go jog my memory. The greatest thing about this book in my opinion is that it is very science-focused and not a bunch of opinion and dogma. When they make an assertion they cite the researcher to back up the claim. On the rare occasion they state an opinion it is clearly marked as such. This book is a great hybrid of "been-there-done-that parent advice" plus "pediatrician advice". On topics that are more controversial these days such as sleep training they point you to books you can get to learn more about the one you are interested in, whether it is bed sharing or progressive waiting or whatever. All in all, great information and advice about a broad range of topics you will need to become familiar with presented in a logical and evidence-based fashion.
  • Barbara S. Clark "big time reader" - Best Present EverI received the Kindle for my birthday a few months ago and I have to say it is the best present. I carry it with me and download many books. I really believe this is the wave of the future....paperless and easy. I look forward to more authors and publishers sending their books out "wireless".