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  • Eric E. Hernandez - Awesome Story of what the future may hold. Must Read!!!!Outstanding story of a distopian future. This is the first of three parts and it shows you what life is like in the silos, their rules, and what happens when people start questioning those rules. This entire set of 5, I guess you could call them novellas, interweave a story that held my attention and I wanted to continue reading to see what was going to happen with the characters. As I mentioned this is the first part of the story and the series continues with the three shift episodes and the Saga comes to a conclusion with Dust. I would highly recommend reading all of them and can't see how if you start reading this one you would not be driven to seek out the rest of the story. Great writing, good character development, and a fabulous world that the writer has developed here.
  • S. Licht - Radical Dietary Change, Unquestionable Positive ResultsFirst there were the uncontrollable bouts of diarrhea that began occasionally and graduated to daily - I was afraid to leave the house and knew where every restroom was in every store and planned my travel routes accordingly. Ruined clothing was innumerable. That escalated over about three years. Then after suffering through a bout of what I can only describe as "the flu" some other sinister thing was at work that totally destroyed my GI system. For the better part of one year the constant abdominal pain radiated around and up my back. The only way to get any sleep or rest was using prescription pain medications. The diarrhea was continual. A close friend had two young boys with GI and food allergy problems and recommended this book, which I ordered, but didn't read until about 9 months after purchase. Wha-LA! After 5 weeks tremendous progress - Real Stool! The "Legal/Illegal List" is a God-send. I have purchased about 10 copies and provided them to friends, my doctors and anybody who will listen. A many years Candida sufferer has found her answers. Highly recommended when you and the medical community can't figure out what's wrong...
  • A reader - Years of misery endedThis is amazing. The almost constant pain and non-productive urges are gone. Gone! Not almost gone. They are gone.

    I have taken one of these each morning for nearly two months. The misery is gone. Needless to say my outlook is a lot better,too.
    And I'm no longer inhibited about straying far from home. Align addresses a huge quality of life issue.

    I do not know why this is effective when many other probiotics were not. But I do know that it works. (Now I can get back to trying to age gracefully.)
  • A. Ort "aorto" - Pink Floyd Under ConstructionWhat else can be said about this album. I was ten when "Another Brick in the Wall" hit the charts. This was one of the first albums I ever owned. Went through a cassette, two copies on vinyl and this was my first CD I purchased in the late 80s when CDs hit the market. Absorbed the movie (the movie box covers became my notebook cover in high school) and everything Pink Floyd I could. It was the defining album of my youth, Waters capturing that anguish and angst of maturing in a cynical world.

    I grew out of it over time and it has become something of a memory machine, revisiting the past and the intensity of that time as I sought meaning in life. It has no relevance on that level anymore.

    However, I stumbled across "Pink Floyd: Under Construction" which contains demos of the process by which The Wall came to be. Apparently, Waters, in the late 70s, came to the band with ideas for The Wall and what would become The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking. The band thought the material for The Wall had potential and began to build on it (though there are traces of The Wall material in the Hitchhiking album or vice versa).

    Though for the most part it is the same album, there are some subtle and significant differences in the songs as we know them, mostly in the lyrics.

    Comfortably Numb originally began for Gilmour's first solo album but made its way into The Wall. Gilmour brings the melody; Waters adds the lyrics. However, imagine these lyrics in "Comfortably Numb":

    "Wake up now, pull yourself togeather
    Get out and meet new people (Scream)
    I'm sure they'll understand
    Come on, put away the shotgun,
    Here have another blue one(Scream)
    Have your fingertips gone numb?"

    Or these for "Mother":

    "Mama's gonna check out all your girlfriends for you
    Mama won't let anyone dirty get through
    Mama's gonna burn all your pornography
    She'll watch what you see and watch what you hear..."

    It's fascinating to listen to these demos after knowing the album so well. It's as if I'm hearing it for the first time and it is mind blowing this time from a more historical, archival point of view rather than as music that defines my emotional life.

    You'll find the song What Shall We Do Now? in the film but not on the album, though the lyrics are on the inner sleeve of the original album. The song is on the Under Construction disc. Young Lust is just an instrumental. This is a fan's dream. It's like being there as the creative process unfolds and you can see the roll Bob Ezrin played in bringing this to its finished form that we all know.

    Hunt down a copy of Under Construction and really, really appreciate just how amazing this album really is.

    You can also get hints of Roger Waters taking control of the direction of the sound and how it would culminate with Floyd in The Final Cut, the trajectory Waters taking climaxing with The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking (also very recommended).