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  • JenThomp - The perfect app that has it all.

    I am an avid Black Friday shopper that uses multiple websites to navigate through the never ending maze of Black Friday specials. I am so excited that there is finally an app that organizes everything into one mobile, on the go spot for me. This is very easy to navigate and I love that the categories are broken down. Having children I tend to target the toys and this makes it so much easier than navigating through pages of stuff before getting to what you need. I can not wait to fully test this app out while I am out and about this year. Thank you for making things easier for the busy mom!

  • LosingwithVi - HUGE skeptic until I tried it!!

    Ok, so I've pretty much tried every single weight loss product on the market. I've even been a Rep for Plexus Slim. (Doesn't work for everyone) I bought this product from a friend about two months ago, and had to develop my own taste sensation. LOL!! I used all natural peanut butter, chocolate powder, and chocolate almond soy milk. Tastes like a Reese cup! It's really easy to fix on the go, I just use my Magic Bullet. If you are a person like me who doesn't have time to eat breakfast, then this product is for you. I don't mind the cost at all, because it's helping me get healthy, and to stop taking medications for high blood pressure and arthritis. I have lost 33 lbs in 2 months, and I feel GREAT. I am not a Rep yet, BUT....if I lose another 17 lbs in the next month, I WILL join! I am a VERY satisfied customer!