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  • Denise Manner - Awesome book series! A MUST READ!

    I was looking for a good book series where I could spend my time invested in a likeable story line and memorable characters. The Hunger Game series had great characters but a disappointing ending to their story. I read the reviews for the Silo series and all people could comment about was how quickly they were sucked into the story and couldn't put the book down. I COMPLETELY AGREE! I found myself staying up late and sneaking in pages during my breaks at work. I kept thinking, "Just one more chapter." Don't tell my boss! Well done, Mr. Howey!

    Just get it already. If you've read my comments this far, you know you should. You won't be disappointed. Now, I'm off to buy the next book in the series. See you there!

  • Cyang - Most awesome product!!

    I bought this along with some raspberry ketones and this is by far the most amazing product I have ever tried. After giving birth to my first son I was having so much trouble losing weight and as well with my second the weight just kept packing on like crazy. I was a little skeptical of this like everyone else but so far I'm in love with the product!! I cannot believe how amazing this product is. I took one this morning an hour before breakfast, one an hour before lunch and lastly one an hour before dinner and so far I had to force myself to eat because this really suppressed my appetite. I feel great unlike other diet pills that made me shake and have me migraines. This product is like no other I have tried and I cannot wait to let you guys know how much weight I've lost by the end of the week.

  • Jeannine Hawkins - Best "diet" ever

    I never do reviews but I had to for this one. This has to be the easiest diet plan ever to follow I am using the word diet loosely as I never felt I was on a diet! I am in my third week of following the plan. I did not have much to loose in the first place but within the first two weeks I easily dropped the "last" 5 lbs I have been hanging onto. This plan is something I can easily come back to when needed. It is also very cleansing as the plan calls for very wholesome, healthy foods and most of it I already had in my pantry and fridge. I would absolutely recommend this plan to anyone who would like to drop some weight and eat healthy.

  • tom anderson - Contoversial Concept Album--Buy it

    Animals is a brilliant album that shows Roger Waters writing at its peak. It is a concept album that brought up new thoughts and ideas in my head. Dogs, Pigs, and Sheep (the songs) are amazing. Everytime I listen to Dogs, I skip back to 14:08 of the song and listen to Dave Gilmour's guitar solo and awaiting the great conclusion of lyrics at 15:20. I may sound a bit obsessive, but it's great. Its only flaw is that Roger Waters doesn't give the other Pink Floyd members their chance to shine. Dave Gilmour does "shine" a bit in Dogs, though. But Waters does most of the work. It's still good. If you liked The Wall, get this. Hey, trust me. The songs may be a bit long but thats how I like it. Pink Floyd jams like in Wish You Were Here and Meddle.